Zhejiang Flight Female Driver Was Arrested For Corruption And Embezzlement Arch Corrupt 7 Thousand M-t420s

Marketing-Direct The end of June this year, Yang Shenghua home to surrender. He has a special status: it is the flight "arch corrupt woman," Yang Xiuzhu the "cowboys" who is the wife Hu Jie Zhou’s ex-husband, ugg bailey boots his home, has aroused widespread concern.Yesterday morning, Yang Shenghua case with the latest developments: Lucheng procuratorates informed, he alleged corruption and embezzlement of public funds, the amount reached 4,000 million and 3316 million. The case has now concluded its investigation, the transfer of public prosecution department for review.Prosecutors identified, Yang Shenghua misappropriated 33.16 million yuan of public funds, has lent five times Wenzhou Stainless Steel Products Co., Ling Jie Jie Ling Industrial Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang for business activities and other purposes.Yang Shenghua, 49 years old, Wenzhou. Original modern urban construction of Wenzhou City Development Limited (hereinafter referred to Wenzhou Modern Urban) and Wenzhou modern municipal infrastructure Limited (Wenzhou Modern municipal) legal representative.Yang Xiuzhu, ugg dakota slippers former assistant to the mayor of Wenzhou, Wenzhou City Vice Mayor. In April 2003, when he was deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department of Yang Xiuzhu to flee the country from Shanghai Pudong Airport, informed the .mission for Discipline Inspection of 253.2 million yuan involving the printing known as "female flight arch corrupt."Yang Shenghua how a driver, suddenly be.e state-owned veterans? Among the facts, difficult to know from others.However, from the resume point of view, from December 1995 to October 1999, he was in Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Public Work (January 1996 was appointed Deputy Director of Urban Construction, resigned in October 1999, Deputy Director positions, personnel relationship moved to Wenzhou water group).During this period, ugg boots classic tall October 1995, he was concurrently a modern urban construction of Wenzhou (SOEs) the legal representative; January 1998, and serves modern Wenzhou municipal (state-owned .panies) the legal representative.In 1995, Yang Xiuzhu when he was vice mayor of Wenzhou; 1998, Yang Xiuzhu appointed deputy director of Provincial Department of Construction.Yang Shenghua suspected embezzlement case, originally derived from the original Wenzhou Lucheng procuratorates investigated local railway Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Yang Guangrong bribery case.Yang Guangrong is Yang Xiuzhu’s brother, in 2003, ugg classic short Lucheng procuratorates investigated power system in the series of bribery cases, the fact that Yang Guangrong of bribery, according to law after verification by the Yang Guangrong investigation.Investigation process, the Provincial Procuratorate in accordance with relevant clues, the Wenzhou Railway Real Estate Development Co., where the relevant file information, all transferred to Provincial Procuratorate for examination on.The prosecution introduced between 2000 and 2003, Yang Shenghua also individuals arbitrarily decided to have five times, the Wenzhou Modern Urban’s public funds, lend Wenzhou Stainless Steel Products Co., Ling Jie Jie Ling Industrial Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang for business activities and other purposes, ugg boots free shipping could amount to 3316 million. It has been suspected of embezzling public funds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: