Zhang Jike should pay more attention to the details now, not as casual as before-shiyang

Zhang Jike: now we must pay more attention to the details not as much as the sina sports news Beijing on September 16th news, the Olympic champion Zhang Jike after attending an activity for the Chinese open to Chengdu in the early hours of yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Jike devoted to training before the game, coach Xiao Zhan said Zhang Jike qiuzhanyuwang very strong, he hoped that with the best performance to return to love his fans. The new national male god Zhang Jike recently very busy, running in the major variety shows and activities at the scene. As a popular icon athlete in sports, fans are very sought after. Yesterday morning, Zhang Jike attended an event in Fan Bingbing and other celebrities, immediately from the capital airport to fly to Chengdu. Due to flight delays, Zhang Jike arrived at Chengdu airport at 3 a.m. yesterday. Although it was already late at night, hundreds of loyal fans were still waiting to meet him at the airport. Zhang Jike revealed in an interview recently waist injury control was due to participate in the activities of lack, feeling more tired, because in the past few such aircraft even experience, some does not adapt. Suddenly turned to net red, Zhang Jike said that he should pay more attention to details, many things can not be so casual with the past. The London Olympic Games, Zhang Jike is also frequently participate in activities, due to the lack of experience can not arrange training plan, this time Zhang Jike said feeling better. Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Jike arrived in Sichuan province table tennis team training non-stop. Head coach Zhang Jike was pleased with the war Xiao changes, Zhang Jike respect, although less amount of training but are devoted, he is now on the open Chinese SEG international attention, there are so many fans to support him, certainly is a kind of power, the power to promote his progress, he needs to use better results to return all of his support. 2016 ITTF China open will be opened for the race today. Zhang Jike will compete in the second round of men’s singles and men’s doubles. (Qiu Qiu)

张继科:现在要多注意细节 不能像以前那么随性了   新浪体育讯  北京时间9月16日消息,奥运冠军张继科在参加完某活动之后于昨天凌晨赶赴成都备战中国公开赛。昨天下午,张继科全身心投入到赛前的训练中,主管教练肖战表示张继科求战欲望非常强,他希望以最好的表现来回报喜爱他的粉丝们。   新晋国民男神张继科最近非常忙碌,奔走于各大综艺节目和活动现场。作为体育界当红的偶像运动员,深受球迷追捧。昨天凌晨,张继科在与范冰冰等明星大腕参加完某活动之后,立即从首都机场飞赴成都。由于航班延误,张继科昨天凌晨3点才抵达成都机场,尽管已经深夜,但上百名忠粉依旧守候在机场迎接他。   张继科在接受媒体采访时透露最近腰部伤势控制得还行,由于参加活动感觉比较乏、比较累,因为以前很少有这样连坐飞机的经历,有些不适应。一下子变成网红,张继科坦言自己要多注意细节,很多事情不能像以前那么随性了。伦敦奥运会后,张继科也是频繁参加活动,由于缺乏经验没能安排好训练计划,这一次张继科表示感觉要好一些。   昨天中午,张继科马不停蹄到达四川省乒乓球队训练。主管教练肖战非常满意张继科的变化,直言张继科训练量虽然少但都很投入,他现在也对中国公开赛格外重视,有这么多球迷支持他,肯定也是一种动力,这种动力推动他前进,他需要用更好的成绩来回报大家对他的支持。   2016年国际乒联中国公开赛今天将揭开正赛的争夺。张继科将参加男子单打第一轮和男子双打第二轮的争夺。   (小邱)相关的主题文章: