Yichang guy bank card suddenly turn to 200 thousand yuan to the foreign owner zuczug

Yichang guy bank card suddenly turn to 200 thousand yuan to the field is also the owner of the bank card on the wrong turn Xiao Wu 200 thousand, Wu provide if your bank card account suddenly out of thin air more than 200 thousand full, what would you do? Many people believe that this encounter will experience a fierce ideological struggle, Yiling district a 90 after the guy did not hesitate to take the train from Yichang to Wuhan to catch the initiative to pay back the money, this let accidentally turn the wrong account master felt from hell and back to heaven. Bank card turned 200 thousand initially thought it was a scam this year, Wu Jian, who lives near the Yangtze River Market in Yiling District, in July 2015 after graduating from the University of petroleum Tianjin branch to work in. In November 1st, just leave back to Yiling from the unit area ready to decorate the house of Wu Jian received a phone call from Wuhan, the other said, due to the same name, took 200 thousand yuan wrong to his bank card, I hope he can return. "At first thought that the other side is a liar." Wu Jian said, because his bank card was lost, so he hung up the phone, not for a while, the Wuhan phone number and call came, he refused to answer directly to each other, but attached to the two call. Calm down, the other party called third calls, this time the other mentioned Wu Jian in a mobile phone market intermediary thing, he has a memory of something. After that, the mobile phone store boss Mr. Xia called and left the WeChat number. Wu Jian thought that although the bank card is lost, but before WeChat, and Alipay are bound to each other, card WeChat account transfer 10 thousand yuan to verify the authenticity from this bank lost so I used WeChat’s transfer function. A few minutes later, WeChat showed that the success of the transfer, Xiao Wu this believe that the other party is to turn the wrong account. The namesake trouble inadvertently turn the wrong account of Wu Jian and other links, finally figured out the sequence of events. It turned out that in 2015 April, Wu Jian has been in the vicinity of his alma mater, Yangtze University, a mobile phone mall has done an intermediary to help mobile phone market to find part-time students. For the convenience of mobile phone, the store owner Mr. Xia will hit a part-time student wages Wu Jian agricultural bank card, and then through the distribution of wages to part-time students master Wu, Wu Jian’s bank card number in the mobile phone market has been recorded, which also was the wrong turn 200 thousand yuan foreshadowed. There is no story without coincidences., Mr. Xia’s brother-in-law and namesake Wu Jian. November 1st at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Mr. Xia through the mobile phone to the brother of the bank when the remittance is driving, he only looked at the name did not pay attention to the card number, the results will be divided into four times to the Wu Jian bank card on the 200 thousand. The account after the turn, brother-in-law call asking why not send money, Mr. Xia after the inquiry found turn the wrong account, he has to check the query to Xiao Wu’s phone. Since the purchase of tickets to return Chinese flying Choi 2 on the morning of 11 pm, Xiao Wu bought from YiChang East Railway Station to Wuhan train ticket to pay back the money. In fact, Xiao Wu family is not rich, he had to work for more than a year, parents at work along the coast. He is now deposited with a year’s wages to decorate the house, the house was bought in 2010, parents, because of lack of money has not been renovated. As Wu Jian’s Agricultural Bank card has been lost, must go to the issuing bank!相关的主题文章: