Ye sun love wedding emergency stop two people of the difference between the age of 41 (video) ca1871

Ye sun love wedding emergency brake two difference 41 years old according to Taiwan media reports, last week music Li Kuncheng and his forty-one year old girlfriend Lin Jingen declared the election day is about to get married, marriage registration in November 15th, it was Lin Jingen’s twenty birthday, two people to take care of this period of three and a half years of love, now to a milepost the new, also let Li Kuncheng address him: "very happy!" 15 mentioned the registration of marriage news, Li Kuncheng media telephone interview also said: "happy because the 18 year old to get married after guardian, at the age of 20, you can decide the preferred place of honeymoon in Japan, and then went to Karuizawa to see the maple leaf, the winter day you can go to Hokkaido snow." Originally expected today, the woman’s 20 year old birthday registration marriage, is now a temporary decision to cancel, the reason is that the woman does not want to celebrate the wedding anniversary with the same day! After talking about his girlfriend under the age of 20 to Li Kuncheng do not think there is too much change, but the other life can be completely independent, like the night in his home, the girls do not have to go through the consent of the father as the honeymoon place, because Lin Jingen love Xiong Benxiong, two people on the first Kyushu Xiongben before they want, but go abroad to play, we have to go to help the woman, a passport. In addition, Li Kuncheng also announced that the 20 year old birthday of is iPhone, all because of the game to play when she can be more smooth, very fond of the little girlfriend Lin Jingen. Expand the video has nothing to do with the original three broken 41 years apart "Ye sun love" to be pregnant by licensing相关的主题文章: