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Yao band "Super Yao" on-line reduction of science and technology tone color Yao band "Super Yao" Sina entertainment news on September 9th, Yao band [micro-blog] third album "Super Yao" official online. This album continues the previous music style of the orchestra, highlighting the distinctive personality, the characteristics of young people, to maintain their consistent attitude to play music. The 12 works in the album show a distinctive "Yao" music. At the same time, following the album "bragging skin", "I" after the introduction of the MV, the third wave hit the song "if you have a dream," MV will be formally launched next week. From the last album "we love it" for nearly 3 years, Yao Orchestra 3 years grinding sword, to ultimately create a new album "Super" yao. Not rigidly adhere to the form of music, but not bound by traditional music style constraints, the integration of Hip-Hop, Rock, Electronic, music, Rave and other electronic dance style: praise song "I", "interesting", Zhang Jinghao’s old skin boasting of "if you have a dream, the dream on the way to" not to be understand the people’s "Crazy", the song "English called for environmental protection the eternal light (Eternal Light)", on behalf of Yao Orchestra sporty style "hello" (Hello), the "small recollections of childhood experiences (Bad Boy Go)" bad guy, bring you a taste of the universe "to find a small Yao Orchestra (I Find me)", full of positive energy inspirational "at the beginning of the heart does not change," love song "I love you", the dream as a spiritual food with me "(with me up)", and Yao Orchestra specially write a letter "letter to us And so on, so that listeners enjoy the rich science and technology electronic music. It is reported that the new album "Super Yao Yao Orchestra" the main visual location is pink, the album’s 3 MV is Yao Orchestra for the first time with the mainland director Min Taizhi cooperation. With the Taiwan stylist Gao Jingchun custom clothing, shooting a total cost of half a month, whether has released the "bragging" skin in MV Wulitou Pink Beach powder party, or "I" in the MV China wind through the sense of space, or is about to launch next week and the third wave hit song "if you have a dream" MV in the inspirational wind, show Yao orchestra music character.相关的主题文章: