Yanji merchants sell condom ice cream shape affected students parents cited dissatisfaction with the meyou

Yanji merchants sell condom ice cream shape affected students parents cited dissatisfaction with Sun Yangtu "sought after school, several shops are selling this, we adults to see that this is what shape, children do not know ah, watching your child eat this, not Tiduobie twisted." September 26th, Yanji public Lee to reflect this website. Mr. Li’s children enrolled in the north mountain of Yanji city primary school, around the school recently appeared in a form of "Adult supplies" ice cream, due to the peculiar shape of novel, the ice cream by the pupils of the Blitz, he was puzzled. Ice cream resembles condom buyers for pupils in the morning, the reporter went to a grocery store near the north mountain of Yanji city primary school, a site to buy this brand of ice cream, red plastic bags on a commodity "bubble slush". After opening, the reporter saw the inside is a piece of ordinary cream ice cream, wrapped in a layer of transparent latex, the overall shape of a gourd, the bottom of the opening with a rope tied in the "gourd" at the top of a prominent small "head", like "condom", let a person feel embarrassed. This is selling well, the students are basically buying, very novel, the child is willing to buy." Food store boss said, this is the ice cream from the regular manufacturers into the goods, have the food production license, and the ice cream outside is similar to a rubber balloon, and not really "Adult supplies", do not have to worry about food safety. "When summer is hot, many students choose to buy ice cream in the cold when we feel wrong is said to the children of rubber is easy to breed bacteria, try to let them not to buy, but the younger students, curiosity, so there is no way to rely on completely take control." A teacher surnamed Wang said. The ice cream manufacturers repeatedly provoke the question: Why did the positioning gourd like ice cream will be designed as a condom packaging? The reporter saw, the brand of ice cream is produced by Huadian City, Jilin Province, ah Li Tatsu food factory, registered brand, and product packaging has been patented. Reporters in the online search to see the bubble slush, the ice cream has been produced for many years, had repeatedly because of other suggestive and questioned, then manufacturers respond: products production license, the original design for the "calabash", not "condom", the association into what the package is only personal views that packaging is not "condom" is a kind of rubber hose. Subsequently, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets in Yanji city the size of the supermarket, downtown and residential areas, did not see this "Adult supplies" ice cream. Supermarket staff said, usually the supermarket into which the goods are selected according to customer demand and sale situation, like this relatively unpopular, generally does not appear on the counter. Ice cream "temptation" children’s parents say "this thing is the use of primary school children have not seen this simple, curious things. Of course, this thing grown-ups feel awkward, children every day with mouth biting, sorption, how much?" A reference to the bubble slush, the public Mr. Lee did not hit a gas. "This is not good, my children are in elementary school, if he eats this thing I.相关的主题文章: