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Yang Yang gets tired to sudden deafness after 8 years was hurt, Yang Yang (information) Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the actor Yang Yang [micro-blog] in the show "handsome appearance, smiled very little" Xiao Nai God, career to new heights. He is the debut for many years has done a lot of work in the entertainment circle inside 8 years finally relying on efforts to obtain public recognition, recalling the past, he said in the shoot "smiled very little", a health problem, waist bone pain and even sudden deafness, but in order to don’t disappoint fans expect him to survive the storm. Yang Yang wrote in the book autobiography, as a Virgo, he is very high demand for their film "Tomb notes", many martial arts drama are personally into battle, can even said the director, will again and again three to examine their action, and asked again and again filming. Although showing good results, but also let the early catch Road, only know how to fight hard, he suffered many injuries, also left a lot of complications, "I’m back, waist, legs and other places have hurt, but because of the injury does not know timely treatment and care, almost all left sequela". Shooting "whirlwind girl", Yang Yang believes it is time to state the worst, because before the shooting, he and Jing Bairan, Zheng Shuang, Ivy Chen et al [micro-blog] in reality show flowers and youth "2", was playing because of a water project falls, has yet to recover, a return to the mainland in the film crew. The old wound, time plus daily high strength work, let him eat the body gradually disappear, "as a result of sudden deafness, finished 5 hours every day to lose to the hospital after the play the liquid, can wait to go home to sleep when almost dawn, his daily sleep time was only about 2. 3 hours. The Yang Yang era body tired lead to poor resistance, coupled with the back and ears to hear, after the filming was going to rest for a while, but immediately filming "smiled very little" but he didn’t, so bitter shouting, "when the generals do not want the soldiers is not a good soldier, do not want to when the actor is a very good actor, he wanted to try my best to do the best. Although he has been known as "little meat", but Yang Yang not take it seriously, "I am very grateful to this era, known as fresh meat, but in the era of high value color appearance, he hopes that he is not just a small meat, the future will be gradually transformed into more and more taste" Braised pork in brown sauce "" I believe, is that when I try, I is to be myself, I know I will become a better person, so I never doubt yourself". (ETtoday) (commissioning editor: Bai Ling)相关的主题文章: