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Xu Qing won the hundred flowers movie queen: Acting online audience deserved Sina entertainment news of the thirty-third popular film hundred flowers awards in a star came to an end, as the media began to expected, Xu Qing with "subversion" old gun in the show, get a large number of audiences, to the public vote and the audience Voted first achievement won the best actress award. That night, Xu Qing wore a dress embroidered flowers dotted slowly on the podium, always confident and elegant, "thank you thank you every one of the judges award, thank you, thank Huayi Brothers, director Guan Hu, thank God we six, thank you for the lovely Yi Feng," thank you "to all members of the old gun crew. Old gun son is the most real most outspoken and true to life each of us myself, thank you thank you every Wowo, I love you", the audience all the stunning 2015 winter chatterbox, the charming, generous shrewish girl from Beijing, also impressed the judges, Xu Qing winning actress, well deserved. From the best actress, best actress to actor Xu Qing won praise in 2009, Xu Qing played the "beginning of the great revival" in Song Qingling, won the popular movie Hundred Flowers Award Best Supporting actress. However, she did not go to the podium, because Xu Qing has said many entertainment awards in my case does not appear, it will be easy to master, this rule is not true, is not pure. And this award, Xu Qing attended, confident calm. "The old gun" Xu Qing in the interpretation of a forceful personality valiant alley girl chatterbox, a chic and elegant image. A good character is to enlighten the actor, must have experienced "chatterbox" life of Xu Qing, can be more relaxed and enjoy the secular temperature, "old gun", and "chatterbox will be not only for fame" and "loyalty". Time fleeting, but good to Xu Qing, not ruffled her face, more to accommodate her true, let a person envy. Xu Qing has always been a good actor on the stage, 8 hours of high strength performance, her Gu vanillin to the breathtaking beauty, like a breath, this luxury beautiful people like the big screen pipe dream dissipates; self subversion, bold "tremor", will a liquor into the throat like spicy bold Beijing Davenport penetrating interpretation, open the most gorgeous color in a rough man of crude green army, still a profound impact…… Today, she finally stood on the podium after the film, from the best actress to the best actress, she was walking calmly, a harvest unmoved either by gain or loss, the sound of envy. From the "small Gong Ju" to good actor Xu Qing’s life there is no routine from the early years of "East sunrise rain" "sang" to the theater at the end of the last few years most "dream dream" and "play domestic films a peppery" clean "old gun" in the excellent performance, Xu Qing has always been to acting school. Once described by the media as an invisible sister Xu Qing in this era of the Internet is extremely developed, was labeled a lot of labels. She was the father’s screen idol, she is also the new generation of fans by freeze age goddess, in spite of the variety aspect heterogeneous information, never make the topic of Xu Qing also become passive words)相关的主题文章: