Xingqihuoxue recommended warm mutton soup popkart

The main effect of mutton soup Qi and invigorating the recommended warm warm winter easy recommended groups: cold hands and feet of the crowd "winter" solar term in November 7th of each year or 8 days. Li, Jianshi, said that since the beginning of winter; winter crop after harvesting of meaning, so we put it as the start of winter. In winter, some people will be cold hands and feet, it is difficult to warm, especially when you go to sleep, you can not sleep without a hot water bag. It’s better to drink some soup and keep your body warm. Material: Lamb 500 grams of ginger, the number of large, medlar 15 grams, Yellow Wine 200ml~300ml (3 persons). Practices: wash mutton cuts slightly blanch, drain water, put several large pieces of ginger stir the pot, add mutton and stir fry for a while, and then stir to pour half Yellow Wine, alcohol volatile and then pour into the other half of the Yellow Wine, medlar stew. Put all materials into the pot, heating water 2500ml~3000ml, boil a small fire after the pot for 2 hours, add salt. Comment: warm soup for gas than wine, but not too many people love the taste of wine, even if we do not love to drink too much wine, the wine we dissolved in the soup can be a good solution to this problem. Put the soup in the process of alcohol, but retained the wine for gas warm-up effect, a lot of girls is a good choice. The best meat, mutton warm-up effect, with the best ginger. Angelica ginger mutton soup, I believe many people have heard, this is doctor Zhang Zhongjing in the name of party, nourishing cold effect is good. It is a good choice to replace Angelica sinensis with rice wine, which can enhance the effect of qi. Because a lot of people not only cold hands and feet of Yang Qi, also air circulation, only make the whole gas flow, can let the body warm. (Guangzhou daily)相关的主题文章: