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Xiao Mengyin: don’t let her in single youth home – Sohu comment is a year Spring Festival, this time of year, there is a group of special contradiction, is also home, back is not. According to media reports, earlier, released for youth under the age of 40 of the "report" China forced status, found that more than 70% of the respondents had been forced parents, 25 to 35 year olds of maximum pressure, was forced rate as high as 86%, while women were forced to rate 6% higher than men. "All women", this saying is true, after all the parents in the words of a match-maker 80s 90s, 25 year old boys 20 girls around the age of marriage is normal, at that time, most single men and women’s marriages are single handedly, a pro, to talk about the conditions of the two sides, and then get married, it is normal. So, in that era, few older men and women appeared, but also natural. However, with the rapid development of the times, to 80 after 90 this generation of young people, the only child is more, and free love, parents arranged marriage is almost no longer possible, a new generation of young people are mostly in the city around, busy work promotion, attend to the marriage. Increase the pressure of life, narrow circle of life, and it’s concept of marriage, more and more young people are forced to rest. It is these reasons that cause today’s society left more men and women. But why do most white-collar workers who live in cities disagree? The biggest reason is that, in urban life, the remaining men and women are not surprising, around such a person grasping a lot, so young people do not feel anything wrong, nor affect life, also enron. But when the new year, these young white-collar workers on the road back home, all kinds of relative laws to marry without exception, stampede in, and even some friends for one thing no object cannot understand, think freak. This marriage, many young people complain unbearable disturbance. There are also "enthusiastic", will lead the arrangements for a variety of blind dates, short days of holidays, young people want to go home leisure time is packed, some people can not afford to travel, instead of returning home for the spring festival. In fact, it is a top priority for school-age young people to marry and settle down, but the end is not forced. Now the only child generation has their own ideas, and their inner world and attitude have long been different from those of parents after 60 and 50. On the issue of marriage, they need more support and understanding from their parents. After a year of traveling, getting back home and having a happy reunion in China, it’s right to be concerned about marriage, but don’t push it too hard, so that it will backfire and block the children’s way home, which is not worth the candle.

肖梦吟:别让逼婚挡住单身青年回家路-搜狐评论  又是一年春节,每年此时,总有一个群体特别矛盾,回家也是,不回也是不是。据媒体报道,早前,发布的针对40岁以下青年的《中国逼婚现状报告》中,发现逾七成受访者曾被父母逼婚, 25至35岁青年压力最大,被逼婚率高达86%,而女性被逼婚率比男性高6%。  “男大当婚,女大当嫁”,这俗话是没错,毕竟在父母之命媒妁之言的80年代90年代,男生25岁女生20岁左右就结婚才是正常,那个时候,大部分单身男女的婚姻都是父母一手包办,相个亲,谈谈双方条件,然后结个婚,很正常。所以,在那个年代,少有大龄男女青年出现,也是自然。  然而随着时代快速发展,到80后90后这一代的年轻人,独生子女偏多,加之自由恋爱出现,父母包办婚姻几乎不再可能,新一代的年轻人大部分都在城市奔波,忙于工作升职等,无暇顾及婚恋。生活压力的增加,生活圈子的变窄,以及宁缺勿滥的婚姻观念,越来越多的年轻人被迫剩下。  正是这些原因,造成当今社会剩男剩女变多。然而为什么生在城市中的大部分白领却不以为然呢?这最大的一个原因是,在城市生活,剩男剩女并不出奇,身边这样的人一抓一大把,所以年轻人们并不觉有什么不妥,也不至于影响生活,也就安然处之。但是每当过年,这些在外奔波的年轻白领回到家后,七大姑八大姨的各色亲戚蜂拥而至,无一例外的催婚,甚至于部分亲朋友好友对于没有对象一事表示不能理解,误以为怪胎。这样的逼婚,扰的不少年轻人叫苦不堪。还有“热心者”,会牵头安排各种各样的相亲,短短的几天假期,想要休闲回家的年轻人时间被排得满满的,部分人不堪其扰以外出旅行代替回家过年。  其实,适龄青年成家立业固然是头等大事,但岁末逼婚毕竟不是良药。现在的独生子女一代,都有自己的想法,他们的内心世界和态度早已和60后50后的父母不同,在婚姻问题上,他们更需要的是父母的支持和理解。奔波一年,回到家团聚,过一个快乐的中国年就好,关心婚姻大事固然没错,但千万别逼得太紧,这样适得其反,挡住孩子们的回家路,就得不偿失了。相关的主题文章: