Wuhan residential elevator configuration of the new 4 and above the new residential elevator foldercure

Wuhan residential elevator configuration rules at level 4 and above new residential elevator shall be provided for managing the country’s first residential elevator configuration local technical specification "residential elevator configuration and selection of the general requirements" formally implemented, this means that Wuhan City, the newly built or rebuilt residential elevator configuration will implement the new standards. The new technical specification by the Wuhan special equipment supervision and Inspection Institute and other units jointly drafted, Wuhan Quality Supervision Bureau released. The new regulations for different residential buildings for the application of the object, the elevator operation level from high to low into comfort, general and economic three. Clear requirements of the city of Wuhan at least choose the economic level, should choose the comfort level. This is the first time to set the threshold for residential elevator configuration". The so-called economic level elevator configuration threshold, according to the number of each layer is different from the elevator number, capacity, speed improved. The new regulations unify the minimum lift load, at least 1000 kg. And the original "seven layer and seven layer above the" lift requirements should be installed to "four and four layers above should install the elevator, if the residents entrance floor outdoor design from the ground height of over 10 meters, must also be installed elevator. The new regulations also require elevator waiting hall and room should be connected with the public channel, which will be the developer to elevator home as a selling point of the behavior of the formation of curb.相关的主题文章: