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Which funds successfully defeated the mid autumn robbery? Today is the Mid Autumn Festival, but this week, A shares fell so that many of the shares to buy a small partner is not happy. Although only three trading days this week, but the stock index fell on the three day of 2.47%, gem refers also unwilling to lag behind the same period fell by 2.65%. In fact, each time the stock market crash can be seen as a good opportunity to test the stock base. In the stock market in the mid robbery, which shows the active stock picking fund control ability good wind, for investors to reduce losses or even bring benefits? Common stock fund average The whole army was wiped out. stock funds this week, only 4 of the recent new fund no loss should be due not Jiancang, so there is no profit. In addition to the remaining 4 funds, equity funds have suffered different degrees of loss, the loss rate of minimum two funds Yinhua Shanghai and Hong Kong financial depth and competitive advantage are also the new fund recently established. There are also 4 funds this week fell more than 4%, respectively for the Bank of new power, Cathay Pacific Internet plus investment, mobile Internet and health investment. The common stock funds this week rose ten (source: Choice, up to date: 2016· 9· 14) at present, the common stock fund in this week’s market crash is The whole army was wiped out. In fact, due to the common stock fund positions by the restrictions, even if the fund managers predict short-term market downside risk may exist, can lighten hedge. Therefore, most of these funds to give up short-term band operation, and the value of the investment strategy, that is to buy the stock is not optimistic about the long term benefit. Although the general equity funds could not escape the crash this week, but due to the two characteristics of its own high positions and ownership concentration is high, and therefore more suitable for long-term investment, bargain layout, waiting for the arrival of the bull market and earn excess returns. Partial shares mixed into a magic weapon to beat the market ordinary equity funds are limited to the stock position failed to escape the crash, the position of the flexible partial shares of hybrid funds this week, how to do? At present, has been set up in more than 1 thousand and 500 partial shares of hybrid funds, the fund rose this week, 25, of which only about 9 only after the establishment of the new fund in August. In addition, the average rate of return from the point of view, partial shares mixed basic week average performance of -1.39%, while the average equity fund fell 2.41% this week. Two Quarterly Bulletin shows that the average position of the average equity fund is 86.09%, while the average position of partial shares of hybrid funds only about 54.67%. As can be seen, flexible stock positions can be regarded as partial shares mixed base to overcome the market crash magic. Rose this week, partial shares of hybrid funds (source: Choice, up to date: 2016· 9· 14) in 25 of the successful counter attack in the fund, the two funds concern, one is the value of the silver emerging growth, the fund two quarterly stock positions reached as high as 93%, and the top ten awkwardness positions accounted for 90%, and the ten stocks in ST Shanghai Branch rose contrarian, the stock fell all this week. In this case, the net value of the fund.相关的主题文章: