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What is the difference between China, North Korea and the Great Wall in the west? [Abstract] after the enlightenment, the image of the Great Wall gradually changed. The | Wang Zikai recently, Liaoning County of Suizhong province "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall disappearing events become the focus of public opinion. The Great Wall of symbolic culture China needless to say, the history of Chinese associate researcher at the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Zhao Xianhai said, the national anthem is written into a cultural relics of the world rare, October 21, 2016 morning, he carried out a report at the East China Normal University, entitled "the Great Wall view historical evolution and the changes of the times" read the introduction at all times and in all countries. About the the Great Wall image of the Great Wall cultural history". From the "the Great Wall Meng Jiangnu cry" to the modern China symbol Zhao Xianhai first pointed out that the ancient official the Great Wall concept has three forms: one is the the Great Wall as the boundary between the regime, which is a relatively objective statement; the other is a function of recognition of the Great Wall is the stability of the border areas, this is a more positive evaluation of the Great Wall; there is a negative evaluation of the Great Wall, the Great Wall is critical and not to harass the people and waste money, actual effect. When it comes to the negative image of the Great Wall, it is easy to think "cried Meng Jiangnu the Great Wall, Mr. Zhao introduced the Meng Jiangnu story sequence of events. According to his research, Meng Jiangnu the story of the prototype from the "Zuo Zhuan", general Qi Qi Liang Qi Liang’s wife died, because not hanging Jiao etiquette, refused to Qi Hou in the suburbs in condole, record of this story is very simple, many of the details are not clear, and the "book of rites," said · Tan Gong Qi Liang’s wife "welcome to the bier road cry of sorrow", adding "key plot cry" for this story. To the Western Han Dynasty, Liu in "Shuoyuan", "female biography" said Qi Liang’s wife after the death of her husband in the city to collapse, crying, but the story take place in the area still. Another important change happened in the Tang Dynasty, new stories from the spring and Autumn period of Qi Liang Qi who became Qin Zhaoxiu the Great Wall, crying collapse has become a city plot of Qi Liang’s wife crying down the Great Wall. For this change, Gu also explained, he believed that the Tang Dynasty foreign war frequently, the Great Wall as the frontier barrier, has become the embodiment of frontier soldiers homesickness and their families sad love. Gu "caused by the ancient Chinese accumulation" is famous, Zhao Xianhai believes that his research on Meng Jiangnu story, but also well reflect the effect of this kind of research method. If the "Meng Jiangnu cry of the Great Wall" is the story of accumulation caused by the cultural image of the the Great Wall should also be caused by the accumulation of modern Chinese, mainly to the the Great Wall as a positive image, this concept is also continuous development and combination. Exotic see the Great Wall: Korean eyes of the Ming and Qing Dynasties the Great Wall during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the North Korean envoy to Beijing in the Ming Dynasty "tribute in a continuous line," and "Yanxinglu" and other documents, many on the Great Wall records. Zhao Xianhai pointed out that the North Korean envoy to the different names used in addition to the the Great Wall, we are familiar with the "the Great Wall", "the Great Wall", and "the wall", "Changyuan", "Yantai", because the Korean ambassador tributary route often through the Great Wall, so in some literature, detailed records of Liaodong, Jizhou etc. the the Great Wall. The image of the Great Wall is complex and multi-faceted in the North Korean envoy’s writing. In the Ming Dynasty, the North Korean Envoys were sometimes.相关的主题文章: