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What is a woman’s sense of security? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Tea girl women often say you can not give me a sense of security to the security of the woman in the end is what? A sense of security 01 company is the most lasting love. Even if you say a lot of sweet talk, in fact, not a real hug. Why is the fruition of a long-distance romance? When I am happy, when I am sad, I am angry, you never know, that our distance, also naturally more and more far. Between husband and wife, between lovers, if there is no long time with all of you as a basis, the passion of sweet, will gradually kill with distance. Company is the most direct way to provide a sense of security, even if her trouble, she play small temper, as long as you stay with her, hug her, will suffice. 02 if there is no trust between two people, how to talk about security? If you want her to feel safe, you have to trust her enough. If a man outside nianhuarecao, hook three take four, that his woman how to trust him? How can such a man give a woman a sense of security? The so-called trust also includes her own trust, some women found suspicious, always do their own thing I’m sorry in doubt about their love, but the doubt will slowly erode the feelings of two people, will only make the problem more and more trouble. Therefore, the trust of this matter, the two have to believe each other, do not live up to the trust of the other party. This can make sense of security. 03 responsibility is a man must bear. It is the responsibility of parents, wives, children, work and life. A responsible man, will let the woman feel insecure about. And those who do not have a sense of security, men will make people alert. Because he seems to be ready to leave alone, ready to abandon will drag his everything, even his pillow. Such a person must be farther away from the better, he is not worth the harvest of love. Just want to say: these have no responsibility when you do alone plan, what luxury people with your life? 04 every woman wants to have a the greatest hero in the world, encountered difficulties, in front of the body to protect themselves. Maybe you can’t be a hero, but you can be a man who can protect her. Not only for the party, be called when the knife block protection, a coat of cold night, an umbrella under heavy rain, a piece of watermelon in hot weather, are protected. Protection is not to let her get a little hurt, just want her to be good,相关的主题文章: