Wenzhou fishermen had the colorful God shrimp sold 600 thousand-nibbuns

Wenzhou fishermen colorful "God shrimp" has been sold 600 thousand in a table on the level of the banquet, always see the big lobster figure, now it is for all of us is not strange. But recently, a large multicolored lobster caught in the sea area of Fujian, Ningde, Cangnan fishermen’s old Zhou in Wenzhou, but many people exclaimed: "this lobster has never been seen.". 9 afternoon, the network news claimed that Cangnan Longgang a fisherman caught a mysterious lobster, all colorful, big, 3.47 pounds of weight, the body was green, with black and white, there are a lot of yellow spots dotted with suspected Chinese palinuridae. The reporter contacted the owner of lobster, old zhou. "I went to sea at the age of 13, and I was 19 years old when I was on the boat, and I’ve been fishing for more than 40 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen such a lobster." Old Zhou said that at 2 p.m. on November 7th, the lobster was caught near the sea area of Fujian, Ningde, with his trawler. The trawl caught a lot of fish, and we found this lobster, weighing 3.47 Jin, body length 1.3 meters (including beard), the color is bright and beautiful." Old Zhou said, he and six or seven old fishermen on board have never seen such colorful lobster, lobster will be kept in the living water tank. November 8th at 4 pm, the old week fishing boats back to Cangnan Longgang, this lobster news gets out, it attracted eight people came to see the village neighbors, but do not know. Some people specially found photos on the Internet, think that the lobster is likely to be the Chinese lobster. On the afternoon of 9, the photos of the lobster were sent to Zhejiang Institute of marine aquaculture (Wenzhou Institute of Oceanography). The experts identified by the Institute, from the shape, head, capture and other circumstances, the old Zhou caught lobster suspected Chinese Lobster, but also to observe the object in kind. It is understood that the palinuridae carapace slightly cylindrical, with different size of the front surface and the thorn, green carapace slightly blue, second tentacles handle blue, pink is slightly sounder, the first step out of the foot tentacles and conspicuous pale yellow and black ringed, abdominal sections including the tail handle back in the middle of all with broad black bars, is the biggest in the lobster genus. Colorful and bright body color. Widely distributed in Japan, the South Pacific and the India ocean. Living on the periphery of coral slopes to deeper sediment textures. However, it is rare in the coastal areas of Zhejiang. "Wild lobster is rare now, but the Chinese lobster is more difficult."." Cangnan, a local seafood boss said that at present, Wenzhou market is more common Australian lobster, American lobster, Thailand lobster, etc., the price is about 200-300 yuan per kilogram. In November 2014, fishermen had caught a similar colorful "God shrimp" when they fished in the waters of the Wenling pond". Later, it was bought for 600 thousand yuan. Speaking of the lobster’s "place", old Zhou said that he had not consulted with his family. At present, the lobster was raising seafood purchaser in a familiar.

温州渔民捕获五彩斑斓的“神虾” 曾有人卖了60万 在一桌上档次的酒宴上,总能看到大龙虾的身影,如今它对于大家来说早已不陌生。可最近,温州苍南渔民老周在福建宁德海域捕获的一只五彩大龙虾,却让在场不少人惊呼:这样的龙虾还真没见过。9日下午,网络上一条消息声称,苍南龙港一渔民捕获一只神秘龙虾,全身色彩斑斓,个头很大,有3.47斤重,身体呈青绿色,四肢黑白相间,还有不少黄色斑点点缀其中,疑似中华锦绣龙虾。记者辗转联系上了龙虾的主人老周。“我13岁开始出海,19岁当上船老大,打了40多年的鱼,这还是第一次见到这样的龙虾。”老周说,11月7日下午2时许,这只龙虾是他开着拖网式渔船在福建宁德海域附近捕获的。“拖网拖上来很多鱼,我们在清点时,发现了这只龙虾,体重3.47斤,体长1.3米(含须),颜色鲜艳好看。”老周说,他和船上的六七名老渔民都没见过这般色彩斑斓的龙虾,便将龙虾养在了活水舱里。11月8日凌晨4时许,老周的渔船一回到苍南龙港,这只龙虾的消息一传出去,就吸引了四邻八乡的人赶来观看,但都说不认识。有人特地在网上找来了照片,认为该龙虾很有可能就是中华锦绣龙虾。9日下午,记者将这只龙虾的照片发给了浙江省海洋水产养殖研究所(温州海洋研究所)。经该所有关专家辨认,从形态、个头、捕获地等多个情况来看,老周捕获的龙虾疑似中华锦绣龙虾,但具体还得以观察实物为准。据了解,中华锦绣龙虾头胸甲略呈圆筒状,前缘具不同大小之刺,体表呈现绿色而头胸甲略为蓝色,第二触角柄蓝色,发音器略为粉红色,第一触角和步足具显眼之淡黄色及黑色环斑,腹部各节包括尾柄的背中部皆具宽黑色横带,是龙虾属中体型最大者。体色多彩明亮。广泛分布于日本、南太平洋和印度洋。生活在珊瑚外围的斜面至较深的泥沙质地。但是在浙江沿海比较少见。“野生龙虾现在比较少见,中华锦绣龙虾则更难得了。”苍南当地一名经营海鲜的老板说,目前温州市场上较为常见的是澳洲龙虾、美国龙虾、泰国龙虾等,售价大约每斤200-300多元。在2014年11月,曾有渔民在温岭石塘海域捕鱼时,捕捞到类似的一只色彩斑斓的“神虾”。后来,被人用60万元买走。说起这只龙虾的“去处”,老周说,他还没和家里人商量好。目前,龙虾还饲养在一名相熟的海鲜采购商处。相关的主题文章: