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Communications Singapore is considered to be one of the top destinations for business due to its free economy, which is conducive for international trade and investment. Low tax slabs, advanced infrastructural facilities and growing economy of the country attract a lot of investors. The country is home to the regional headquarters of numerous companies having offices in Asia. Such firms use unified communication (UC) suites to remain in touch with their peripheral offices in a streamlined manner. With the help of this solution, companies can conduct training and brainstorming sessions in order to update employees. Along with this, unified communication and collaboration also aids the organisation in hosting virtual meetings for project communication, product launches and trade shows. This solution is highly beneficial for sending documents and files safely without any lag. Any file transfer that takes place using this integrated communication platform is always secure as the Conference Service Providers (CSPs) rendering the UC solution provide several safety measures, such as participant entry/exit alerts, extensive network redundancy and fraud protection. Information can be delivered in various multimedia formats, such as images, texts, audio and video with unified communication. Thus, users can interact quickly, which enables all parties to receive the requisite response within minimum time-frame, without any latency. Real-time communication tools of UC solutions include web, video and audio conferencing. Integrated communication solutions help in recruitments, especially if the candidate belongs to a different geographical location. For a country like Singapore, this is very beneficial feature as people from various countries like India, China and Malaysia migrate to the country for employment. Here, UC can be used in the interview process wherever the candidate is located. Return on Investment (RoI) in this type of integrated communication solution would be much more than that of the actual investment. Apart from that, this solution also enables users to increase individual as well as organisational productivity levels. Professionals need not travel for making any important decision and for meeting or sharing information with their peers, as they can simply use conferences for the purpose. This in turn improves the fast decision making process, product launches and helps the users in staying ahead of its competitors. Unified communication and collaboration solutions show the presence of all the users along with their communication mode, namely computers or mobile devices. This helps in setting up meetings quickly and tracking the availability of group members and sending them invitations and messages. Through dedicated apps for Android, iOS, BBOS and other mobile platforms, professionals using Smartphones and tablet computers can start or join a meeting easily. Therefore, it can be justified that UC platforms assist in making operations easier, mobile and efficient while driving productivity, responsiveness and competitive advantage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: