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The train station staff warm heart to help disabled writer enthusiasm touched by other people of Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) November 20th hearing (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) reporter Li Hui Jiang Qu correspondent) yesterday morning, Chinese disabled writer association Ouyang wins alone from the Hangzhou East Railway Station take G1671 time to participate in the activities of the Fujian museum. FuZhou Railway Station staff thoughtful and enthusiastic service, so he was very moved. "My legs and legs are not convenient, today G1671 times to FuZhou Railway Station, can you provide me with convenience?"" On the motor train, Ouyang Sheng dialed the hotline service hotline of "Strait sentiment King service desk". Liu Quan, the station head guard, recorded Ouyang Sheng’s name, telephone number, train number and carriage number in the key passenger service book, and gave a detailed description of the service plan, and drew up the road map for the station. At noon, G1671 arrived on time, waiting for other passengers to get off, Liu Quan and passenger Xiao Yanqin quickly boarded the No. 7 carriage, to find Ouyang Sheng. They opened the wheelchair for the disabled, and Liu Quan and Xiao Yanqin helped Ouyang Sheng to the wheelchair. Ouyang Sheng sits in a wheelchair, through the key passenger barrier free helicopter lift, through the "green" channel, smooth out of the station. "I wish you a happy voyage!" Liu Quan found a taxi and helped Ouyang Sheng into the car. Ouyang Sheng waved his hand and said goodbye to the staff at the station. "Thank you for FuZhou Railway Station. Thank you for your warm service!" (Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog)) >

火车站人员暖心帮助残疾作家 热情服务另人感动福州新闻网(微博)11月20日讯(福州晚报(微博)记者 李晖 通讯员 江曲)昨日上午,中国残疾人作家联谊会会员欧阳胜独自从杭州东站乘坐G1671次,来福建博物院参加活动。福州火车站工作人员周到热情的服务让他十分感动。“我腿脚不方便,今天乘坐G1671次到福州站,能给我提供方便吗?”动车上,欧阳胜拨通了“海峡情王威服务台”的热线服务电话。车站值班站长刘泉在重点旅客服务册上记下欧阳胜的姓名、电话、乘坐车次、车厢号码,详细备注了服务方案,并为他拟了出站的路线图。中午,G1671次准点进站,待其他旅客下车后,刘泉和和客运员肖燕琴快速登上7号车厢,找到欧阳胜。他们将残疾人轮椅打开,刘泉和肖燕琴一同将欧阳胜扶上轮椅。欧阳胜坐在轮椅上,通过重点旅客无障碍直升电梯,穿过“绿色”通道,顺利出站。“一路顺风!”刘泉找到一辆的士,将欧阳胜搀扶进车。欧阳胜感动地挥手和车站工作人员道别:“感谢福州火车站,谢谢你们的热情服务!”(福州新闻网(微博))>相关的主题文章: