Today the return peak will continue to 8 pm Yangtze River bridge congestion about ten km

Today the return peak will continue to 8 pm Yangtze River bridge congestion about ten km to downtown G1501 yesterday Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge congestion at nearly ten km morning news reporter trainee reporter Wu Linhua pan Wen Zhong Hui of Shanghai Lane absolutely empty traffic to go forward with great strength and vigour. This is the scene of Shanghai Expressway yesterday. Afternoon return peak rujierzhi, the high-speed city traffic growth significantly, especially the G40 high-speed Shanghai and Shaanxi Chongming to downtown traffic is large, Yangtze River bridge and the Yangtze River Tunnel congestion ten km. The Highways Department reminded the public, today is the last day of the National Day holiday, return traffic is still large, try to avoid the peak period of 14-18, the morning of. Today 24, the highway passenger car toll free will be the end, if close to the critical point, do not rush to catch up in time, pay attention to traffic safety. Return peak Chongming direction is still a sore point according to the political center of the road network statistics, yesterday 0-17, the highway network traffic flow of 964 thousand and 900 vehicles, an increase of 10.21%. "The 5 day at 1:30 in the afternoon appeared to return small peak traffic, estimated more than 4 increased by about 5%." Municipal Transportation Commission road high speed road network monitoring center value monitor Guo Xuliang said. In fact, driving enhanced peak awareness group, the National Day holiday this year’s peak return in advance. Compared to previous years, this year’s National Day holiday in advance after the half opened the prelude to return, the number of vehicles in October 5th increased significantly, the total volume of 1 million 345 thousand and 700 motorcycles, which small bus 1 million 191 thousand and 100 times, an increase of 20.86% compared with the same period last year, motorists to avoid peak exposure consciousness. 9 yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the G60 Shanghai Kunming high-speed Fengjing toll station, Fanhu vehicles are bus after bus through the crossing, no congestion. "The vehicle more than today and yesterday, blocking many people yesterday morning has come back, they expect the afternoon or second days will be more blocking, mostly out of the bus ahead of time." A traffic police are on duty told reporters the toll gate. According to the road lands provide information, yesterday afternoon, the highway and the outer ring road congestion: S20 inner Xin Zhu Road to humin elevated outlet, Huqingping overpass, S20 ring Hujia interchange to Wuwei road; G2 Jiangsu, G50 Jiangsu direction Wanzhen Road intersection, G60 direction of outer ring vertical direction of Zhejiang Xhenzhuang to clear the Road overpass; S4 direction Fengpu bridge (1 km). As the traditional holiday return "pain points", G40 down line back to the city from the direction of Chongming is always in the state of Yangtze River bridge to the traffic density, the Yangtze River Tunnel ten km long road was congested. Today is likely to continue to peak at 8 according to the Shanghai traffic police is expected today, the return traffic is expected to scale 1 million 210 thousand times, peak is expected to appear in the 14-18 section, ray Expressway City peak time may continue until 20 pm. The traffic police department to remind, return easily congested road G2, Yangzhou, Beijing Shanghai high-speed Huaian section of Wuxi, Taizhou, Suzhou Shen speed G15.相关的主题文章: