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Tianjin truck hit TOYOTA to suffer to the pickup truck (Figure) a truck into the expressway according to the provisions of the time without trouble, the truck with a TOYOTA car after the collision, the TOYOTA car flew to the lane into a minivan driving. Hit left and right, TOYOTA car into a "bumper car". Around 12:30 yesterday, near the Kunlun Expressway road bridge collision accident source of new biologically, three car. The scene saw a large truck parked on the road from the bridge to the direction of Jin Kun bridge. A red TOYOTA car and a pickup truck parked in the driveway. The front of the TOYOTA car was badly damaged, and the body was damaged in many places. According to TOYOTA car driver, she was driving along the fast route Kaizu bridge to Jin Kun bridge direction, large trucks traveling in the car behind TOYOTA, suddenly a large truck hit the car tail, followed by a large truck rub on the car door, leading to runaway car crashed a green belt and rushed to the lane, to after the car lane did not stop but the body spin, collision with a truck driving. According to the truck driver, he was driving in the left lane, the car rushed too suddenly, he had no time to dodge. The accident, the truck driver is not willing to talk about, but do not know the road. It is understood that large trucks through the city to the field, the car loaded with edible oil. Accident led to the rapid routing of the bridge to the direction of the bridge to the traffic jam was more than 2 km. After the incident, the police quickly rushed to deal with. According to reports, the pull of large trucks of crude oil into the road within a specified time. In addition to the normal handling of the accident, the traffic police have to impose a ban on the behavior of the big truck drivers break line. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation.相关的主题文章: