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Tianjin hawkers stole 100 egg box sold a few million yuan (Figure) in October 3rd, Hedong District Tianshan Road, a grocery store lost 30 Chai egg box. The Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Hedong nine investigation of the case, the egg was stored in the grocery store outside a van in the car after the incident, the goods have been artificially pry the lock. Along the way through the transfer of video data, the police locked the car Wuling light van, but the license plate number is a fake license plate. At the same time, the police also string and two cases of stolen eggs. After visits and road vehicle search and investigation, the police will eventually reduce the real license plate number. With the license plate number to the car to find people, police in the scope of the activities of the vehicle to carry out search. In October 21st, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade nine suspects Hedong position reduced to Jin Jiang road in the Tanggu area. After the search, found a suspicious van, then the police in the vicinity of the parking lot cafes, rental housing and other places to expand the carpet investigation, and ultimately arrested a suspect in a Japanese rental. Stealing eggs man was arrested at the scene of the trial, Zhao explained that he had sold eggs, often to the wholesale market purchase. Hand tight, he went to the market to steal eggs to sell around. Zhao then confessed in Hebei District two cases of crime, stealing a total of 100 egg box crimes, he will steal the egg after the foreign price is slightly lower than the market price, so the market is very good, 100 boxes of egg less than a week to be sold. The police investigation, Zhao suspicion of theft involving up to 30 thousand yuan. The day before, Zhao has been police criminal detention according to law.相关的主题文章: