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This fall I soak the Royal Park in London with 4 large squirrel Park Tourism with details – Sohu leaves cool autumn fall down the earth will be paved with gold on top of a carpet, a swan soft slender neck surface in the mirror of the lake, the squirrel in the meadow jumping out of a graceful arc when looking for the season delicious, I learned the London old grandpa look, whistled while carefully holding almond, looking forward to the coming of the squirrel…… This fall, I was in London, Royal park. The weather in London is so unpredictable, when morning in the the shard35 layer to eat breakfast, the city was shrouded in heavy fog, and after we arrived at the ground, looked up at the sky, the clouds and see the blue sky. This trip, although there are also general arrangements initially, but every day in the mood with arbitrary temporary route planning, neither too fast nor too slow. For example, initially did not arrange will soak in the park so long, staying in London in autumn park, Fallen petals lie in profusion. lake of tranquility, birds and squirrels, close to human beings all over them, but let me be unable to extricate themselves, so every day to come to the park to stroll around, enjoy the local people as quiet and immersed global parks. The land of London, but park built in the downtown area. Before going to London, only to Hyde Park some impression, and when the big city to walk the way carefully measured London, found that the core area of the park covers an area of London really is not small: St Jam es’s Park, Green Park, Hyde Park Park, Regent’s Park, Kenxin…… Recommended reason: St Jam es’s Park is located in the core of the core, can be in after Buckingham Palace ritual here most of the squirrels here to close, the bird species richness for tourists in the park in a hurry and want to experience the essence of shortcomings: Park area is not large, people travel more, not suitable for you to park location greatly demanding person on the quiet St Jam es’s Park, is the core of the core, adjacent to the two major signs of London landmark Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, the two largest gold law determines the temperament it be not of the common sort. Think on this land boundary, capable of carrying a water park really is too extravagant, of course, this also determines the James Park Mini, and many visitors, even standing in the park can see the park around the border. Because the area is too small, so visitors shuttle, see more of the world St Jam es’s Park squirrel is all in the park the most daring, they are not satisfied with the jump on the grass and trees carefully foraging, but bold past visitors to beg for food, and even climb to the railing above. Met one of London’s grandfather, who was shaking peanut, whistled the squirrels like honey see succulent flowers to a series. The old man told me, "you must shake the peanuts and whistle, so that the squirrels will hear the call around you.". There are many kinds of birds in St Jam es’s Park相关的主题文章: