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The week summary: Jeremy again become the best scoring high turnover worrying linsanity to return to New York! Jeremy Lin pre-season performances aesthetic review Tencent October 23rd news media sports "nothinbutnets" on the net in the past week were summarized, and again chose Jeremy Lin as player of the week. Jeremy Lin nets best record: 0 wins and 2 losses over the past week the nets played two games, they first 99-120 defeat to Celtic, then lost to Nicks by 111-116. The overall feeling of the preseason has ended, the nets will determine the list of 15 National People’s congress. This means that in the next few days, the nets will not in training on the edge of the player, which should help them improve execution problems. The players are still trying to fit in and learn from coach Atkins’s tactical system, and they don’t know where they should be in the preseason. The nets hope a small part of the players to form a team, good understanding of Atkins’s tactical system. Best player: Jeremy Lin Zhou averages: 18.5 points, 7.5 assists and 6 turnovers, 69% shooting, three point shooting 50% Jeremy Lin scoring fans continue to impress, but his score is very effective, shooting nearly 70%, this is usually a center shooting and shooting guard, usually in 40% to 50% between. In addition, Jeremy Lin scored a huge surge this week, averaging 18.5 points more than anyone, but also enhance the averaged assists. This may be with Jeremy Lin in the team system, however, if the new season, Jeremy Lin averaged 6 assists, it would be beneficial to the nets and himself. Once again, the fans are still worried about Jeremy Lin’s mistake, he sometimes careless dribble, pass or dribble errors cause. If he can reduce the number of mistakes, then he will be very effective. But don’t expect Jeremy Lin to do that when the regular season starts, and it’s good enough to see him perform so well. "It’s preseason, so you can throw all the statistics out of the window." Jeremy Lin said, "I don’t care." The pre-season this year are summarized in the preseason, the nets averaged eighteenth rebounds, the League ranked twenty-eighth, ranked seventeenth, assists turnovers ranked eighteenth, averaging points is the highest. From these data, the nets in the new season may be a rather ordinary team, all in the league in the middle. The main problem facing the nets is rebounding and defense, they lack good rebounder, it may be in the new season, they will face the problem. The rebounding requires a team effort, each player should strive for. But defense nets rebound more than that during their pre-season games are as high as 111.2 points, while their offensive firepower and matchwellthe opponent. (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: