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The two store sale car door Beijing people can choose – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, auto category responsible person revealed that in the mature operation line of auto (supplies) at the same time, the line of stores also officially opened a new battlefield retail auto (supplies). In October 21st, Beijing Lenovo bridge shop and old house shop will be officially on sale of electric vehicles. Since then, successfully get through online and offline car (supplies) product supply chain, to allow customers to experience the convenience of O2O mode. Suning stores into the new car O2O gene, once again highlighted the experience advantage 21, Geely, BYD, BAIC, JAC and other electric car brand will join officially settled in Beijing Lenovo bridge shop and old house shop. By then, the two electric car supermarkets will meet with consumers. In the two stores car supermarket, not only the integration of mainstream products in multiple brands of electric vehicles, electric vehicle is accelerating the pace of consumers into the family, so that the electric vehicle is the "home appliance" concept of the people. At the same time, electric car supermarkets, for more people to provide in home purchase experience, electric car service, has become a convenient way of life. Electric car supermarkets from the domestic well-known electric car operator interaction energy (Beijing) Electric Technology Development Co. Ltd. joint jointly build. As a well-known domestic electric vehicle operators, the interaction energy (Beijing) Electric Technology Development Co., the company’s main fusion electric car sales, electric car sharing rental, charging intelligent management and operation, and the electric vehicle business and other interactive media platform. The success of this marriage, the virtual Internet platform will play a better complement. Aiming at the double eleven, Suning auto parts (supplies) double force auto supplies project department responsible person, in this year eleven, Suning car for two months in advance to start planning, starting from the inventory of goods, the integration of resources, promote drainage, planning activities and other aspects of the deployment, the implementation of the strategy of double pronged line. In addition, consumers of the best-selling brand Castrol, Shell, PHILPS, 360, Mobil, also have to negotiate docking in advance to join the ranks of. online auto channel since May to upgrade, 618 years to promote to have a fever 818 Festival, automotive supplies sales continued to surge. Coupled with the success of the online store car sales channels to open up, a unique O2O model to attract more and more brands settled. At the beginning of October, Qianjiang motor, a hundred years of brand Benelli (Benali) flagship store officially settled in, the first day of activities to raise public projects, the amount has been broken million yuan in September 30th, the end of all the chips, and ultimately to 1666 single, 41 million sales of the perfect ending. The interaction energy (Beijing) Electric Technology Development Co. Ltd. is added, auto (supplies) to inject fresh blood, bring more powerful force. Double eleven this year, Suning will launch a series of vehicles, motorcycles series. By then, consumers can enjoy the purchase of cars online discount price, the line.相关的主题文章: