The relegation battle Yanbian flight in the first 1 to 1 draw the hegemony over Guangzhou Hengda spo tda7294

The relegation battle Yanbian flight in the first 1 to 1 draw the hegemony over Guangzhou Hengda Super League Sports Sohu in October 23rd, the end of the twenty-eighth round of the game, once again into the relegation battle the Yanbian flight on the road than 1 1 draw with Guangzhou Hengda super overlord. Although not able to become the constant brigade championship ahead spoiler, but get the precious 1 points; and a draw Hengda team still get ahead of the 2 round of the season won the Super League champions, this is Hengda sixth consecutive won the Super League Championship trophy. The first half stoppage time, Huang Bowen corner, the ball landed in Paulinho foot, the decisive shot the ball into the 1 to 0 lead Yanbian Hengda. The second half eighty-eighth minutes, Jin Chengda pass, Eby garland hit the door, leveled the score 1 to 1 level. Just as Chinese’s soccer coach Lippi also went to the scene to watch the game, Hengda chairman Xu Jiayin laughing. The 2016 season of Super League Yanbian flight vs Shijiazhuang Yongchang billing announcement game time: 19:35 Wednesday October 26th Venue: Yanji people’s Stadium billing time: October 21, 2016 fare: 30 yuan 50 yuan 80 yuan 100 yuan VIP200 yuan reminder: to ensure that the majority of Yanbian fans the interests of the game to buy bulk ticket fans with valid documents (a driver’s license, identity card, residence booklet) ticket. In order to prevent the bad phenomenon of fake tickets, ticket, shall not be repeated use of documents. Online booking channels to the club’s official website: the official website of the Yanbian Football Club Yanbian flight ticket platform: WeChat flight search micro signal Fuld Yanbian football club sports platform: WeChat search window of WeChat service irenafwpt 400-617-3003 other channels: cable channel 1 barley purchase Guangzhou MITSUBISHI Yanbian Yingchi store address: Yanji Airport; Tel: 0433-8393030 2; Yanbian Northeast Asia passenger group address: Yanji City, No. 743 Yanji Road, Aidan old passenger station; Tel: 0433-2517024 address: 30 thousand car rental; Ye Yan Xi Bridge Luyuan Hotel opposite; Tel: 0433-5087055; Yanji City 4 times department store address: Jiefang Road New Times Square Shopping Mall 6 floor service center; Tel: 0433-5011060. 5 Fuld Yanbian football club official flagship store相关的主题文章: