The RBA minutes slightly hawkish Australian small

The RBA minutes slightly hawkish Australian small red Huitong news network February 16th Beijing time on Tuesday (February 16th) 8:30, the RBA monetary policy meeting minutes released in January, the RBA minutes wording basic positive bias, without revealing too urgent wishes to cut interest rates further, therefore, the Australian dollar exchange rate slightly Chonggao, at present in the vicinity of 0.7167, rose more than 0.4%. The RBA expects China’s economy to slow down further, uncertainty over whether the Chinese government will succeed in transforming the economy. Low inflation or a relaxed policy space, very low interest rates to support consumption and housing construction. China demand is crucial to trade and commodity outlook, the dollar devaluation will help boost domestic demand, the dollar devaluation caused by upward pressure on inflation. At the same time, the RBA also stressed that domestic data is positive, it is reasonable to expect economic growth to accelerate, the core inflation will continue to be low in the expected time. If the economy is weaker than expected, China will have room to react. Service sector expansion and low wages support employment, and net exports of services are expected to support economic growth. China faces challenges in managing the RMB exchange rate when the RMB faces devaluation pressure. It is unlikely that non mining investment will accelerate in the near future. Beijing time 08:48, Australian dollar quoted 0.716668. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

澳洲联储会议纪要略偏鹰派 澳元小幅上冲   汇通网2月16日讯——北京时间周二(2月16日)8:30,澳洲联储公布1月份货币政策会议纪要,由于澳洲联储会议纪要措辞基本偏向积极,未透露出进一步降息的过度迫切意愿,因此,澳元兑美元汇率出现小幅冲高,目前位于0.7167附近,涨幅逾0.4%。   澳洲联储预计中国经济将进一步放缓,中国政府能否成功转型经济存在不确定性。低通胀或给予放宽政策的空间,极低利率支持消费和房屋建设。中国需求对贸易和大宗商品前景非常关键,澳元贬值有利于提振对国内产品的需求,澳元贬值对通胀造成上行压力。   同时,澳洲联储却也强调,国内数据积极,有理由预期经济增长加快,核心通胀将在预期时间内持续偏低。若经济弱于预期,中国有做出反应的余地。服务业扩张及薪资低迷支撑就业,预计服务净出口将支撑经济增长。在人民币面临贬值压力之际,中国在管理人民币汇率方面面临挑战。近期非矿业投资加速的可能性不大。   北京时间08:48,澳元兑美元报0.7166 68。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: