The precise poverty alleviation of a university education jiuyaogan

The precise poverty education original title of a University: precise poverty of a university in August this year, Hunan city of Yongzhou Province, Jiang Hua Yao Autonomous County, Mao Zhixiong returned home to help his brother Mao Zhigui to sell honey on the internet. Mao Zhigui at the Jiang Hua County Road Town business will be sold to the honey bee field, near the city and the familiar people. During this time, his honey production increased by several hundred kilograms, more than the previous month’s production. Honey sales channels for home or in the local market for sale, so the increase in production, but he made a sad. Now, from the Central South University, "Dayaoshan honey" rural entrepreneurship practice team to help students solve the problem of big brother mao. "Mountain honey" team responsible for the National People’s Congress three student Ceng Xiangxin said that they help brother subdivision product categories, two refined packaging, and opened a public number for the honey sales WeChat, accept online orders, just 1 months has sold hundreds of kilograms of honey. 2012, Central South University sentinel poverty Jiang Hua. According to the local agricultural products sales difficulties, 52 experts and scholars of Central South University has organized 22 school departments, more than and 10 two colleges to Jiang Hua county to carry out research work, the precise identification of poverty object, in-depth excavation of the local characteristics of agriculture, culture and tourism products, vigorously develop the rural electricity supplier, promote the local poverty of thought. In April this year, the Central South University group launched the "love Jiang Hua? Win entrepreneurship plan in the South" students in rural electricity supplier, caused widespread concern among students, more than 7000 people enrolled in the school, a total investment of 400 thousand yuan to support the project 100 students entrepreneurial team went to Jiang Hua. Da Wei Zhen Jiang Hua Yao Autonomous County of Xingren village Ceng Zhaoqing couple planted more than and 170 acres of kumquat, but due to the mountains, traffic inconvenience, it is difficult to have buyers come to purchase. "High transport costs, ah, there are rare wholesalers, to count a few money." Once uncle staveley. Long standing deputy county Jiang Hua County Fu Yun said, in these years Jiang Hua, like Ceng Zhaoqing, because the costs of transportation problem has always been the wholesalers to suppress the price of a few farmers. Central South University to poverty alleviation Jiang Hua Yao Autonomous County of Hui goubao "platform to help Ceng Zhaoqing solve this problem. Ceng Zhaoqing and his wife through the "Internet plus new year gifts" in the way of student teams to help, sales of nearly 5000 pounds of bacon, Layu kumquat and rural, direct income 50 thousand yuan. Gao Wenbing, Party Secretary of Central South University, said that in the precise poverty alleviation work, the biggest advantage of college or talent. Jiang Hua County, picturesque scenery rich agricultural products, but these products are rarely sold mountains, hand is subject to the product brand, marketing and logistics factors, but the deeper reason is the problem of the people. Master the production technology of the young labor force are mostly migrant workers, local young people for Higher Vocational and senior high school graduate student, Jiang Hua in 2020 as scheduled to achieve poverty hat, the key is to change "blood transfusion" to "blood". After the school project support team of students through entrepreneurial combat, accumulated a certain amount of experience, and then the use of electricity supplier platform for farmers to produce sales相关的主题文章: