The people’s Liberation Army women commandos debut in knife throwing enemy (map)-dingxiangwuyuetian

The people’s Liberation Army women commandos debut in knife throwing enemy (Figure)   women’s Liberation Army commandos. According to CCTV reported, the Lantern Festival is approaching, the Central Plains is green seedling in the northeast, but deep forest, is still the vast snow, let us understand in the snow in the winter of the sixteenth group army special operations brigade woman commandos style. Winter training on the seventh day of March, experienced mountain hiking camping test, many of the players who are injured. A womans team has just set up more than a year, many of the players are the first to participate in the winter training, a group of eighteen nine year old girl, and the male soldiers carrying a heavy backpack, braved temperatures of minus thirty degrees Celsius, completed as male soldiers training subjects. In the winter of the road, a 20 meters high cliff blocked the road ahead, in order to reach the target area on time, the commandos can only use the rope climbing, knife throwing can be hidden enemy, can improve the speed of moving forward skiing, Linhaixueyuan, commandos were formulated according to the actual situation, the action plan, the use of optical the detection equipment and HD telescope, players quickly lock the target, the sniper cover, the commandos destroy target. The sixteenth group army special operations brigade’s special operations platoon leader Ge Fang: "we have for women to carry out a number of advantages, the female is more suitable for complete on the battlefield and the realization of the subjects and training, the purpose is in the future battlefield, when we need to perform some special tasks, can give full play to women should play in the battlefield the advantages and strengths, and with our true strength to accomplish all our tasks assigned by superiors." 解放军女子特战队亮相 精通投掷飞刀杀敌(图)      解放军女子特战队。   据央视报道,元宵节临近,中原大地已是麦苗返青,然而在东北的林海深处,依然是茫茫雪野,让我们来领略在雪地里冬训的第16集团军某特战旅女子特战队员的风采。   冬季训练进入到第7天,经历过山地徒步行军、野外宿营的考验,不少队员的身上都受了伤。这支女子特战队刚刚成立一年多,很多队员都是第一次参加冬训,一群十八九岁的姑娘,背着和男兵一样重的背囊,冒着零下三十摄氏度的气温,完成着和男兵一样的训练科目。   在冬训路上,一个20米高的断崖挡住了前面的道路,为了按时到达目标地域,特战队员只能利用绳索攀援而上,飞刀投掷可以隐蔽杀敌,滑雪前行可以提升行进的速度,林海雪原中,特战队员根据实际情况,随机制定行动方案,利用光学侦测设备和高清望远镜,队员们迅速锁定目标,在狙击手的掩护下,突击队员一举摧毁目标。   第16集团军某特战旅女子特战排长葛芳:“我们还针对女兵的优势特长,开展了一些女兵更适合在战场上完成和实现的科目和训练,目的就是在未来战场上,当需要我们去执行一些特殊任务时,能充分发挥女兵在战场上应该发挥的优势和特长,以及凭借我们真正的实力,去完成一切上级赋予我们的任务。”相关的主题文章: