The new the Imperial Palace’s first exhibition hall three special cultural relics in Longgang

The new the Imperial Palace’s first exhibition hall three special cultural relics in Longgang – the newspaper news (reporter Liu Mian) Ming orthodox years, Jingdezhen imperial kiln workshop, a number of the Imperial Palace Hall three customized Longgang because the goods with good, smashed buried. Archaeological experts recently will only fragments of a patchwork of Longgang back to the the Imperial Palace Museum exhibition. At the same time, there are 183 pieces of mosaic porcelain and 165 sets of Royal kiln unearthed relics. During the two dynasties, Jiangxi Jingdezhen imperial ware factory, designed for the Royal imperial porcelain production. From the last century since 80s, archaeologists almost constantly explored here, tons of specimens unearthed porcelain. Experts, the Ming Dynasty imperial kiln for strict management, will not allow the imperial porcelain into folk, all porcelain only into the palace and smashed two way. Who can enter the palace, who will be smashed? The Imperial Palace experts said: "China is very easy in deformation, once out of shape will be smashed. There is not enough because of the color of bright." There are also some flawed". For example, a patchwork of fragments of Chenghua blue and white cloud dragon phoenix pattern plate looks showcase, regular shape, enamel jade, pure blue and white hair color. But if you look you will find, in the dish bottom painted dragon with five claws with a claw painted six toes, painted by the outer wall of a claw dragon with five claws became the four toe. This time the Imperial Palace has made these "selection" brother — the palace of Tibetan cultural relics exhibition together. The Imperial Palace Museum researcher Wang Guangyao said: "a total of 183 sets of display into 76 pieces of porcelain, which is the the Imperial Palace collection. This is also the first large-scale exhibition of the Imperial Palace into China, most of the exhibits are the first appearance." At the same time, there are 165 sets of Royal kiln unearthed relics. Since 2014, Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute of Archaeology and Museum of the Imperial Palace Archaeological Institute jointly excavation of the kiln ruins. Wang Guangyao said: "because China is fragile, some type may not be handed down, part of the new type of the unearthed has important academic significance to fill the blank of the kiln porcelain." In the exhibition hall, a few pieces of five or six cm thick enough tiles stacked. This is this year the newly unearthed Ming orthodox Longgang fragments. "Ming Yingzong Zhu Qizhen nianhao is orthodox, because the emperor and the eunuch Wang Zhen, led to the eunuch." Wang Guangyao introduction, has been to the orthodox Tianshun period, kiln porcelain is not formal Department models, therefore, known as the Ming Dynasty imperial kiln porcelain production in the history of the "blank period". A group of orthodox to Tianshun period porcelain wares unearthed from the excavation, including boutique. For example, a group of Longgang fragments can be pieced together dozens of vessels, each only need four to lift. Preliminary judgment, the cylinder is that for the rehabilitation of three hall specially customized, copper cylinder is similar to the hall now, for a fire. It is understood that the exhibition is not a separate ticket, with the Imperial Palace tickets can be free to visit the exhibition will continue until February 26, 2017. In the exhibition hall, the audience can also through the VR technology, arbitrary reach every corner of the archaeological site.相关的主题文章: