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"The most popular poison mother-in-law" those who make against the supporting public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Say this is a look at the face of the era, fresh flowers acting a play, but what is worse than meat actress acting more terror? Is a supporting actor! Ma Yili Chen Jianbin recently starred in a "China relation" is aggressively in this fairy idol drama when flying life drama quietly returned to the screen, and achieved good evaluation of 7.4 points. Chinese style this relationship does not look to see the face, watching the drama did not disappoint the audience, the show was a person who wanted to see her slap in the face of the mother’s role has quietly become popular. An actor named Li Yeping teacher, she played a paper to a son in the play, Wu will tear people everywhere "rolling on the unarmed pit baby giant" known as "the most poisonous mother-in-law". What is the extent to which the most toxic mother-in-law? The mother-in-law know his daughter before marriage derailed, did not blame her not only wrong, but teach them how to deal with make unfounded countercharges, her son-in-law. The role of popular words "mother-in-law mother gave you won", just five words, tempestuous storm, surging momentum. Unruly energetic yiyanbuge hands overbearing manner the fighter general mother-in-law prove a powerful mother-in-law can also cover a dozen mother-in-law! While the character of Li Yeping teacher but the actors at the national level, has won the first "China drama Golden Lion Award" outstanding actor award worthy of the name, the old drama of bone. Li Yeping some people, is doomed to be able to dominate a play. When it comes to this kind of impressive aunt role, a deep impression to the audience is the "Ode to joy" in Shengmei fan’s mother, an eccentric, patriarchal mother playing with that. The patriarchal patriarchal interpretation to the extreme, every day for money. Some netizens said, the most let him sad scene is: "when Fan Shengmei said the money has been hit, her mother immediately hung up the phone." Some people say that, in the face of such a mother, the direct selection of dog. This figure has become the following after the snow let Mammy, aunt Yin Zhiping, a new generation of people hate let villain. However, apart from the role, Fan Shengmei’s mother’s name is called Kang Qunzhi, she is a veteran old play bone. Shandong top talent, national level actors, had won the Golden Lion Award China drama. The role of Kang Qunzhi and Jiang Xin Li Jian, and she also acted very deliver the goods, hated, even have too deep into the drama of the netizens went to people scolded micro-blog below….. Too deep into the drama of the users so that the audience is to reason the theatre, I was playing the role of Li Mingqi teacher let mammy had in the street by the embarrassment of abuse, saying can be popular this kind of character shaping, this is precisely the old artists deep stage skill reflect, television drama in the corner to find a easy to control characters of the old drama of bone is better than one hundred small meat, this is the level of some domestic dramas. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: