The lowest temperature in Nanchang during the first 11 days of the week is Wednesday night-candy boy

Nanchang early this week Wednesday night at 11 DEG C temperature precipitation, minimum temperature of 30 to 31 on the two day 12~15 C Nanchang news network   the two day, your long johns turned out? The cool air is a quick freeze. Since the end of last weekend, our province has been diving from north to south, falling to about 20 degrees celsius. In Nanchang, the former night is still feeling backwards in the early summer, second days early felt a decisive and straightforward autumn. However, the impact of the last wave of cold air has not faded, another cold air will connect seamlessly to Nanchang after the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the next few days, the temperature is highest in our city, 15~18 degrees centigrade. The two day early in the morning, autumn is getting stronger, in the cold air and the effect of rain, this time the temperature in Nanchang fell very significantly. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the street, most people have put on a common winter coat, even wearing a down jacket, enough to let people see the first cold air deterrent. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the meteorological observatory, early this week weak cold air cooling precipitation, late sunny cloudy weather mainly. I expect 31 city temperature 12~15, there will be a weak cold air of South, superimposed effect will make the province’s temperature continues to decline, on Wednesday, the lowest temperature of the city will usher in the night of 11 DEG C, then the temperature will gradually rise to 20 DEG C. (reporter Chen Shilei) 南昌本周前期降温降水 周三迎夜间11℃最低气温   30日至31日两天12~15℃   南昌新闻网讯  这两天,你的秋裤翻出来了吗?冷空气的绝招就是速冻降温。上周末开始,我省从北至南气温大跳水,纷纷降到20℃左右。在南昌,前一夜还在感慨时光倒流的初夏,第二天一早就感受到果断直白的深秋。不过,上一波冷空气的影响还未淡去,明后天另一股冷空气将无缝接轨抵达南昌。今后几天,我市的气温最高15~18℃。   这两天,清晨起来,秋意渐浓,在冷空气和雨水的作用下,这一次南昌的气温下滑十分明显。昨日,记者在街头看见,大多数市民已经换上了秋冬季节常见的大衣,甚至还有人穿上了羽绒服,足以让人见识第一股冷空气的威慑力。   昨日,记者从气象台获悉,本周前期弱冷空气降温降水,后期晴天多云天气为主。预计31号我市气温12~15℃,还将有弱冷空气补充南下,叠加效应将使全省气温持续走低,周三,我市将迎来夜间11℃的最低气温,随后温度将逐步回升至20℃以上。(记者 陈诗蕾)相关的主题文章: