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UnCategorized Lisa Gandera is Pima Dermatology P.C Medical Assistant.At Pima Dermatology, they have developed a center of excellence, providing medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services in a pleasant and professional environment.They are wholly .mitted to providing their patients with the professional and personal care that has distinguished Pima Dermatology for more than twenty years. Besides Pima Dermatology is AAAHC certified! Accreditation of an ambulatory surgery center reflecting a .mitment to quality, patient-centered care and to excellence in the ambulatory surgery specialty area. By successfully .pleting the accreditation process, Pima Dermatology demonstrates to the public, its patients,and other health care professionals that it provides exemplary ambulatory surgical care.Lisa Gandera and team strongly believes," The Mission of Pima Dermatology, PC is to provide the highest quality of patient education and dermatologic care, utilizing the most recent medical and surgical advances in a warm and .passionate environment". Timothy Gander is GEICO Risk Manager – GEICO Insurance Co.The Government Employees Insurance .pany (GEICO) is an auto insurance .pany.GEICO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway that as of 2007 provided coverage for more than 10 million motor vehicles owned by more than 9 million policy holders.GEICO writes private passenger automobile insurance in the District of Columbia and in all 50 U.S. states. With the hard work demonstrated by Timothy Gander and team The .pany is notable for its copious television advertising,with several prominent campaigns running simultaneously in national markets.Timothy Gander strongly believes," Don’t change with the change but change before the change. " Patti Gander is AquaCal Manufacturing Manager.With the hard work demonstrated by Patti Gander and team AquaCal is the largest heat pump manufacturer for pools and spas in the world. Since 1981, it has been theirsincere belief that providing customers with quality products and standing behind those products is their only path to success. They are the leader in their industry and have more pool and spa heat pumps installed than any of their .petitors. They are .mitted to quality.Every one of their units is 100% tested before it leaves the factory. They have used their experience in the industry to provide customers with products that represent today’s leading heat pump technology. With their state of the art Research and Development facility,and their full-staff Engineering department, they can assure you that their products will perform as designed – Guaranteed!They will continue to provide you with the best performing, highest-quality products for many years to .e. With their unbeatable warranty, you receive with your AquaCal heat pump, you are assured the best quality heat pump money can buy. This is just one way of expressing, to their valued customer,the .mitment to excellence at Team AquaCal cause Patti Gander and team strongly believes," Customer is the profit; everything else is overhead". About the Author: 相关的主题文章: