The extinct dodo bones will be auctioned as new network integrity in 95%- doat

The extinct dodo bones will be auctioned as new network integrity in 95%- according to foreign media reports, the Dodo is a not only produced in Mauritius flying bird, the bird was first discovered in 1500, but due to the influence of human hunting and human activities, the Dodo soon wiped out, which is in addition to the Dinosaurs the famous one of the extinct species. However, a nearly 350 year history of the Dodo bones were almost completely preserved, full of up to 95%, which is the world’s most complete dodo bones. After decades of splicing and assembly, this rare skeleton will be the first to participate in the auction, the price may be as high as $660 thousand. The other nearly complete skeleton specimen are preserved in the Museum of the dodo, the most complete skeleton specimen from a private collector hand. The skeleton of the missing parts is a small piece of skull and several claws, but collectors have were repaired with resin on it. The collector has recently decided to auction the skeleton, which is also the world’s first auction of assembled bird bones. The Dodo only produced in Mauritius, about 1 meters tall, can’t fly. The birds are not afraid of strangers because they live on isolated islands for a long time. Because they can’t fly, so it’s easy to be a target. In seventeenth Century, when people with dogs and cats animal came to this island, the Dodo doom followed.相关的主题文章: