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The break up of Fanchuang into the former girlfriend of entanglement man holding a kitchen knife to sleep naked residential – Beijing Sichuan Chengdu news network November 1st news (reporter Alvarez) ex boyfriend "visits", but because of the morning before his girlfriend home with no replacement locks, then wearing white gloves Fanchuang burglary, after holding a knife topless on the sofa in the living room to sleep until the morning was forcibly taken away from the police. Recently, the Chongzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate for prosecution, the defendant Zhang Hua (a pseudonym) for illegal intrusion into other people’s homes were sentenced to 2 years in Chongzhou City People’s court. The local people accused Zhang Hua of Chongzhou was born in 1983, October 2006 and July 2011 respectively for drug trafficking by the Chongzhou Municipal People’s court, Chengdu City Intermediate People’s court sentenced to 5 months imprisonment for 20 days and 2 years imprisonment for 6 months. In June 2016, Zhang Hua because of emotional disputes in a Chongzhou auto repair factory of Xie Lin former girlfriend (a pseudonym) after the Zhang Hua strike violently by the public security organs, administrative detention, but Zhang Hua did not give up his ex girlfriend, has been entangled. In July 6th this year, Zhang Hua again made up reasons to look for his former girlfriend Xie Lin, but Xie Lin ignored. Then, Zhang Hua at 7 am three points into Xie Lin located in Chongzhou City, a district of Chongyang street, in fruitless attempts to use the key to open the door and repeatedly knocked on the door, Zhang Hua took advantage of the no occasion, from the first floor pavement on the stairs to the two floor, and took out the white gloves on line from the two floor window on the third floor, and from Xie Lin on the third floor of the bedroom window outdoor Fanchuang into the room. Look around the house no one, Zhang Hua did not leave immediately, but took out a knife from the kitchen, and then topless lying on the sofa and began to sleep, waiting for Xie Lin to go home. The morning of the 7 day, Xie Lin returned to the house, found their bedroom lights on, think their only recently been thieves, doubts and fear, she finally chose the alarm, and entered the room accompanied by the police. At this time, Zhang Hua was still asleep to hear the sound of the door, woke up and found the police went into the room with his ex girlfriend, the frightened Zhang Hua took a kitchen knife standoff with police. Then the police grabbed a kitchen knife in the hands of Zhang Hua, and in the other police assistance will be forced away from the scene. "The provisions of the first paragraph of article 245th of criminal law:" illegal search, residential or other body of housebreaking, three years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention. Chongzhou City People’s court held that Zhang Hua is a recidivist, statutory aggravating circumstances, and advance to beat the victim Xie Lin, the knife waiting for the victim Xie Lin and discretionary heavier punishment, then made the above decision.相关的主题文章: