The boy did not dare to say the condition of diabetes to avoid the toilet to avoid blood glucose

The boy suffering from diabetes disease school did not dare to say to hide the toilet injections to measure blood sugar original title: "the little man" did not dare to say the school toilet secretly hide illness injections every day to measure blood sugar blood pricking, children’s hands and feet is a needle. Henan Daily reporter Hou Jianxun photo she is "little man", is the province of children in diabetic patients to a treatment, she will tie a dozen needles to measure blood sugar, insulin injections a day, treatment costs such as "sin" she will subject to a lifetime of a few million a year is also home to heavy the burden of the parents is the greatest wish, children with diabetes included in health insurance Henan daily chief reporter Li Xiaoxiao Zong Lei yesterday was "UN Diabetes Day", according to estimates, the province has 6 million 700 thousand diabetics, and pre diabetes crowd 11 million 700 thousand. In this huge group, a group of people need more attention, they are children with diabetes, known as "little sugar". More than a dozen times a day, blood tests, insulin along with their childhood. Every year a few million treatment costs, but also to their families to bring a heavy burden. The cause of diabetes in children, in addition to a small number of older children and diet related, most children can not be accurately judged, may be genetic, genetic, infection, etc.. According to estimates, this kind of population in our province may have 3000 to 6000 people. Today, we are concerned about the "little man" of this group, I hope the community can eliminate the prejudice against them, give them more care. [about] one day at least 8 times a day 4 injections of insulin several times to children needle Song Li should try before a needle prick in your own hands. "I want to try the child in the end how much pain, I really want to be her." If not finished, Song Li tears fall down the pit. Her 1 year old child, who was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus about 3 months ago. Children’s Hospital in Zhengzhou, and Song Li’s children are hospitalized, there are 5 children, are more than a year old. The blood glucose, adjacent bed for 1 years and 1 months of a bright, see the nurse came into the mother’s arms, trying to twist your body, the hands behind the hidden, mouth kept shouting "no". He is still small, will say little, can only cry against. "Cruel" mother put his hand out and let the nurse pierced hands, has been covered with needle. The hand tie does not go on foot, tie, socks, baby’s heel is a needle. Once suffering from diabetes, means that at least 8 times a day to test blood sugar, insulin injections of the 4. Such a scenario, you may want to accompany the baby’s life, one day more than a dozen needles, three thousand or four thousand needles a year. The long suffering, so many parents cannot accept, a lot of people to tears for several months, in a young mother, a few days, a layer of white hair. [pain] the children go to school not to the teacher said the illness in babies, children, the main treatment is to bear pain, as children grow up, they will face more pressure. Liu Qiang’s son ray, already Yan相关的主题文章: