The bank clerk reselling credit report every 10 yuan starting hands after selling 70 yuan

The bank clerk reselling credit report every 10 yuan starting hands after selling 70 yuan nanguojinbao guest news (reporter Huang Bicheng correspondent Mo Chonggui Wei Rongsheng) personal credit report can sell for money? The day before, Laibin City Public Security Bureau to inform the media, the Laibin City Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment cracked the first case of infringement of citizens’ personal information. Heshan City, a bank clerk Lu ANN, the use of his office, more than and 40 days a total of more than 9 thousand and 300 crazy query and personal credit report, the sale of profit to others. These information to start every 10 yuan, after layers of hands, the highest sold to $70. In July 10th, the people’s Bank of China guest Center branch to the Laibin City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment report, said in a recent period of time, found that individual citizens in the people’s Bank credit system Chinese in a bank of Heshan City Branch frequent query traces, suspected illegal operation of the system, request the public security organs involved in the investigation. After receiving the report, carried out preliminary investigation team immediately dispatched police Zhan Deguan, in cooperation with the people’s Bank branch of the guests, through the information query trajectory, delineation of the suspect is a bank of Heshan City Branch staff Lumou. Land use to facilitate the work of individual citizens, illegal credit inquiries, after the query to get personal credit report through the QQ mailbox, sold to Heshan City a Ministry of information and profit from Chen Mouyan ning. In July 15th, the Laibin City Public Security Bureau set up a task force to Zhejiang, Hangzhou and Guangdong in Shenzhen, from the Tencent Inc and Alipay, the transfer of the suspect QQ mailbox and Alipay transaction records, to further identify the Guilin city of Inner Mongolia, Dalate’s Moujia Jiang Yang Moulong, is the leakage of personal information of citizens of the second and the third buyer. In August 10th, the panel will suspect Lumou, Ning and Chen Mouyan in Heshan City (female) arrested, Jiang Moujia also arrested in Guilin city. August 25th, the task force will be arrested in Inner Mongolia, Dalate Yang Moulong. According to the 5 suspects confessed that in December of last year, the information intermediary window in Heshan City, Ning Mou and Chen Yan, find a bank staff Lu ANN to query personal credit report of citizens by him through the banking system, reselling them, each can get 10 yuan commission. The two sides agreed, Ning Mou and Chen Yan will find personal information dealers Jiang Moujia, said the ability to bank personal information query. Jiang Moujia subsequently released an ad in its QQ group. Who lives in Inner Mongolia, Dalate’s Yang Moulong initiative to contact Jiang Moujia, also released information on the QQ group. Inner Mongolia Hohhot City, a loan company finally contacted Yang Moulong, every day will need to check your credit report of the citizen ID number and authorization query, through the QQ mail sent to Yang Moulong, yang to Jiang Moujia, Jiang also by Chen Yan sent to Lumou, so layers of transfer. Lu Mouan according to the loan request into the bank intranet system query and download the relevant personal credit report, then back, finally to make a loan company in the hands of hohhot. Loan companies based on debt recovery. According to statistics, from December 20, 2015 to more than and 40 days in the time of the February 3, 2016, a total investigation.相关的主题文章: