The 8 advice to the Chinese parents to enjoy life winflash

Tsinghua Curve Wrecker give 8 advice China parents should enjoy life with a child, called "other people’s children": they are cute, like eighteen excellent in character and learning, Wu Yi is good at…… At the same time, as a parent, have you ever thought, "other people’s parents" is how to do? Today, we share an entrance examination of Tsinghua School tyrants article, she analyzes the impact of their parents from a variety of perspectives, very inspired! An examination of Tsinghua School tyrants to Chinese parents 8 advice. 1, about the score from the primary school, my mother and father for this is required, as long as the learning attitude, exam how many points you will not blame me, so I did not test what pressure on the score, so there is little to play mad when results do not go to the poor. My experience is that I do my homework as well as an exam, and I can do it as easily as I do my homework. Junior high school, my mother told me again: examination, as long as the test of your true level, you can. For example, a test, your true level is 90 points, you took the test 90 points, very good. If for some reason, you only took 70 points, that mom and dad will be sorry for you, because you have not been paid in return for hard work. In our family, fractional reaction basically is placid, get 100 points or 80 points, or what not much response. Life is always the examination room, calmly face, test their true level is good. In our home, the material is not linked to scores, grades. Material things, can bring convenience to life, and mom and dad’s economy can bear, it will give me to buy, and the results do not matter. Mom and dad think that the hook is very easy to cultivate children’s utilitarian ideas, and from the nature of learning and life. I do not lack zero money, wallet, there is a bank card backup, the home of the small box, mom and dad often put a few hundred dollars change spare. Mom and dad’s idea is that in today’s era of temptation, the child is not short of money, not lack of love, the probability of going outside the road is much smaller. 2, the ultimate purpose of life education is to let the children have the ability to create a happy life, enjoy life. Parents feel, enjoy life, not to say that when you grow up, but from today, from now on. Once, a grandmother told me that your parents are so good to you, you must learn, grow up to repay your parents. Mom corrected this statement, said to me: the parents of the repayment is not very high scores, but from now on, live well, every day. So learning is just an important part of my life, but not all of it. Friends, watching movies, playing, and beautiful dog, right on the Internet to play games, go to the countryside to relax my grandmother, grandmother with love, Grandpa chat have a good impression of the boys that make my life is very rich, also let my life full of love, the fire burning passion. My mother said that she felt my understanding of love from every of my compositions. 3, reading classics reading classics, is the key to learn chinese. Is also important to understand life.相关的主题文章: