Suqian woman to go blind drugged man said only physical contact (video)

Suqian woman to go blind drugged man said "only physical contact" was just a blind date, did not expect the other side should do such a thing! Blind date should stay in mind! Blind woman drugged monitoring photographed the entire process happens in a fast-food restaurant in Jiangsu Suqian. November 5th at 2 in the afternoon, a pair of men and women walked into a fast food restaurant, the man then went to the table. After serving a cup of coke and a cup of coffee, the man opened the lid of the coffee cup, opened a white paper bag in his hand. End to the table, picked up the girl without thinking of coffee drink. 15 minutes later, the girl seemed to feel a little dizzy, in the man’s proposal, the two out of the fast food restaurant, went to the hotel. Later, the girl reported the matter to the police station, she told police, his after drinking a cup of coffee to amnesia, has been reported before, do not eat anything. According to video surveillance, the suspect Zhang was soon arrested. According to his account, he is only a physical contact with the girls, and did not implement rape, because he had just had surgery. Police said Zhang’s behavior has been suspected of rape, and put in the bag of white powder in the end what is still in the identification of which.相关的主题文章: