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The Spanish Academy Director: in the hope that the introduction of Western Education – Chinese football sports Sohu in China yesterday morning, a week of Spanish football club, the Royal Spanish Academy Director, Spanish football legend Mr. Laardin accepted the media interview in Guangzhou, he believes that China football development potential is huge, but the biggest problem of youth work is the lack of young players too the game. Mr. Laardin’s trip to China to Shenyang, Weifang, including Qingyuan and Guangzhou in four, he watched the country foot home court and the Iran team 12 match against Shanghai Shenhua, Guangzhou bodied super game, and Luneng Hengda foot school, Academy and Guangzhou R & F Football Club conducted in-depth exchanges, to Chinese football competition and personnel training have cognitive and intuitive understanding of the system. Yesterday, Mr. Laardin received an exclusive interview with the media. In Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhou Wanqi saw the China football "two possibility" Mr. Laardin said, through the Chinese trip status of China football has made a preliminary impression, and it is quite a good impression, mainly because he saw the possibility of "two". One is the continued investment in football and support Chinese the whole environment is very big, there are many positive factors to promote confidence in the people behind the rapid development of China football is two; he received a clear message, that is the European football, Spanish football can give a lot of ideas China football bring enlightenment to help improve the level of football, Chinese. Therefore, he believes that the development potential of Chinese football is huge. Read the Chinese team in World Cup qualifier on the performance, also watched a Super League, Mr. Laardin said, in his eyes, the overall level of Chinese team and Super League or match, moderately introduce the high level of foreign aid can indeed bring the Super League level, but also will inevitably encounter problems of foreign aid local players in the development of space compression. At this point, Mr. Laardin believes that funds will be transferred to the youth, their own blood is a very good solution. Spanish football was also due to the economic crisis can not ask for more foreign aid, so we have to focus on training local elite through training, the Spanish team has made a historic breakthrough. Therefore, the training of youth and the Chinese national team to enhance the level of help. At the same time, Mr. Laardin also encouraged the team and the club in the middle and lower reaches of China super, because different teams have different tactics, make full use of the ability and characteristics of their players, team play and create a fighting force is the key. Laardin for example, in addition to the Spanish Real Madrid and Barcelona, there are many small clubs in the league, they are often able to make trouble for the wealthy, in Spain and Europe also have good performance, the reason is to make full use of the ability and characteristics of the players, to create a high degree of integration of the team. Develop and implement your own game. In addition, Mr. Laardin said this a few China players left him a very deep impression, but only through the game to judge is not enough, the next day, the Spanish club will be the club’s scout system continued to observe the behaviour of the players.相关的主题文章: