South thad crazy block consortium plotted to assassinate Pu Jinhui.

South: thad crazy block off consortium plotted to assassinate Park core tip: Pu Jinhui "bestie" controversy, the expert analysis and deployment Thad association. Mr Qiu Zhenhai thinks that the relationship between the two is reflected in two aspects: one is the park status is not guaranteed, thad in Hancheng mark; two is the Korean media said Park Geun hye deployment Sade hinders the domestic consortium funding. Phoenix November 8th "news talk", the following is the text: Lin Xiuqin: Well, Pu Jinhui expressed willingness to accept this statement by Congress appointed a new prime minister, so she is willing to put his presidential title down, to stop bleeding. Well, more in-depth observation, we continue to ask Mr. Qiu Zhenhai to talk to us. What do you think of Mr. Qiu, Pu Jinhui caught the door bestie storm, now seems to have no way to stop bleeding, or intensified the situation, whether this represents an earlier agreement like South Korea, including the anti missile system in South Korea to deploy Sade, there may be a future comeback chance? Qiu Zhenhai: these days bestie door event slightly down, these days, today we see is Pu Jinhui proposed prime minister met blocked. So when it comes to the door with bestie thad, appears to be two things have no relevance, but I think it has two internal relations. First of all, from the effect after the extension, if not then park location, South Korea, the United States thad can enter South Korea, will encounter a big question mark. Because the future is only 8 months, 8 months, frankly, park Geun hye’s future political career, her political future, uncertain. And this is due to the change between Sade Park Geun hye thoughts, change her mind by. When she came to China a year ago, there was no such thing. In the past year, park Geun hye her either to the US or the Chinese, or on the strategic game between China and the US, she made the internal assessment, and will force the pressure of the United States, thad system allows us to South Korea, because it is Sade system can reject. This is the first. Second of them, of course, a little behind a conspiracy thinking, but frankly, this is the South has crazy pass, the door is bestie this thing, in fact, two years before it has been exposed to, over the past two years there has been no fermentation, has not risen, there has been no intensification, behind this apparently was in operation how, in the past few weeks, within a few months, suddenly look like a roller coaster, watching the same political drama, read every day. Obviously there is a master behind the operation, the so big, so huge material, issued today, tomorrow issued a bit, issued by what media, through time, from a public relations point of view, because I’ve done business PR, I know it behind someone in control. Who is in control? We don’t know, we don’t know. But now there is a South Korean media, have big business background behind the figure said, because behind these sources of media is a large consortium. So why should a large consortium to expose this thing? Apparently their interests are affected. Why will be affected? Apparently not related to sade;相关的主题文章: