Sources said the search for nearly $200 million loan for the acquisition of Shanghai Central P aquaria

The news for Vanke nearly $200 million loan for the acquisition of   Shanghai Central Plaza — real estate — original title: news that Vanke seeking nearly $200 million loan for the acquisition of Shanghai central square in August 26th, according to Reuters, sources said, Vanke Limited by Share Ltd is seeking $193 million 800 thousand equivalent to three year loans, the purchase of Carlyle Group on hand for Shanghai central plaza. It is understood that the three year loan is expected to include $185 million in offshore loans and domestic loans of $58 million 500 thousand. Inside and outside part of the loan lenders will sign a loan agreement between the institutions, the purchase of real estate as collateral for the loan, but the structure and content of the provisions of the loan remains to be finalized. Sources said that Vanke intends to adopt its wholly owned subsidiary V Capital Ltd. to about 2 billion 460 million yuan (about $317 million) to buy the Central Plaza Shanghai. Vanke if the acquisition is successful, will retain only 10% of the shares of the property, the remaining 90% will be sold to the third party. It is reported that the Carlyle Group in April 2013 to $267 million from the listed companies in Singapore China fidelity to real estate trust (Forterra Trust) purchased the Shanghai central plaza. Central Plaza is located in downtown Whampoa , Shanghai grade A office space, is facing the landmark Shanghai grand theater. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Sun Hongli)相关的主题文章: