SONY Z5 praised in the United States dropped with increase cited Tucao-remonstrate

SONY Z5 praised in the United States with reduced fare for the mobile phone cited Tucao fans, SONY Dafa is good, listen to a little bad voice. Although we have been talking about SONY Dafa, even if the new SONY listed on the market can win acclaim, but why not sell it? Recently, foreign media Androidpit author Chris  Marshall on SONY tucao. SONY Xperia  Z5 mobile phone; the news that SONY Z5 will be listed in the United States, this is a nice thing for the American law fans, but due to various reasons, the machine has than the European night city for three months and the abolition of the fingerprint identification function, which can make people disappointed. Chris : Marshall says, "is it really wise business decision to push expensive mobile phones with a lack of key functionality into the U.S. market?" In the United States, and not all operators Tucao sales of SONY Z5, the user can not buy subsidies for a mobile phone, and the life cycle of 6 months, three months later listed users have gradually lost interest, but also sell expensive function of castration, who is willing to spend high price to buy a drop with the mobile phone? 索尼Z5叫好不叫座 在美降配加价引吐槽   对于手机的忠粉来说,索尼大法就是好,听不得一点不好的声音。虽然我们一直在说索尼大法好,即使索尼新机上市时都能赢得市场的喝彩但为什么就是卖不出去呢?近日外媒Androidpit作者Chris Marshall就对索尼进行了一下吐槽。 索尼Xperia Z5手机   消息称索尼Z5即将在美国上市,这对于大法的美国粉丝来说无疑是一件值得高兴的事,但由于种种原因该机已经比欧洲晚上市了三个月并且取消了指纹识别功能,这无疑也让人失望至极。   Chris Marshall 表示:“将缺少关键功能的高价手机推向美国市场,这真的是英明的商业决策吗?”,并吐槽在美国不是所有运营商都销售索尼Z5,用户买不到补贴机,而且对于一款手机的生命周期为6个月,晚了三个月上市用户已经渐渐丧失兴趣,而且卖贵了还在功能方面阉割,有谁愿意会花高价去买一部降配了的手机呢?相关的主题文章: