Some local poverty cadres poor households to see the low efficiency of

Some of the local poverty alleviation "cadre poor households" caused by low efficiency new network resources – recently, a "first secretary" to the author Tucao: fertilizer into poverty alleviation village, some poor households are reluctant to move, he took command of fertilizer to move home. The reason is that "you and it signed a military order out of poverty, due to not finish the goal, you get on top". To help poor households to work this not what, but he was this and so on to feel anxious thoughts. Cadres to help farmers out of poverty, the vast majority of poor households are grateful, not far behind, do everything possible to get rid of poverty, leveraging force cap". But this kind of cadres in the dry, poor households in the phenomenon, in some places do exist. Weak sense of ownership, resulting in poor resource efficiency, the cadre is very difficult, other people could not understand. The gun head, a tired fold. If the lack of intrinsic motivation, it is difficult for others to work hard to get rid of poverty, even if it is difficult to continue to get rid of poverty. Thus, poverty alleviation, the need to think from the inside out, help, from inside to outside, rich, first solve the poor, and then solve the poor people, to help the laggards to learn to walk". Wavelet相关的主题文章: