Sichuan Normal University massacre to the families of the victims to prosecute perpetrators claim 1 t6670

"Sichuan Normal University massacre to the families of the victims to prosecute perpetrators claim 1 million 760 thousand yuan indictment Sichuan Normal University murder suspect was identified as depression were assessed for the new network of criminal responsibility in Chengdu in November 2," I (He Shaoqing) at noon today and lawyers together to the Chengdu City Intermediate People’s court submitted a "criminal incidental civil complaint", request from the murderer was sentenced to criminal responsibility of the crime of intentional homicide." 2, "Sichuan Normal University massacre deceased cousin Lu Haiqing Lu Haiqiang told a reporter, Lu Haiqing’s adoptive parents in the lawsuit requests the defendant tengmou compensation for death, mental solatium, funeral expenses and for funeral expenses of transportation, accommodation and a total of 1761539.5 yuan (below). In March 27th, a Sichuan Normal University freshman tengmou chores, Jackie Chan in the school campus student apartments to study room, with day by day the purchase from the supermarket to the kitchen with dormitory friends Lu Hai Qing kill. According to the "display" medical certificate of death, the victim of head neck injury from broken death. In April 15th, police in Chengdu (micro-blog) informed that, on suspicion of intentional homicide suspect Teng has been detained by the police in the incident the next day. May 4th, Lu Hai received a briefing on the identification of the "spirit of criminal suspects expert opinions notice", which shows that Teng identified people suffering from depression, on March 27, 2016 of violations assessed partial criminal responsibility. August 1st, Lu hai to the Chengdu Municipal People’s Procuratorate filed a re identification application, hope to suspect Teng re identification of spirit. After the case was handed over to the intermediate people’s Court of Chengdu, on October 26th, Lu Hai submitted to the court a new application for identification, the second time to apply for a re examination of the spirit of the suspect. The reporter saw, 1761539.5 Yuan Lu Hai Qing adoptive parents request compensation, including compensation for death compensation 669520 yuan, the spirit of solatium 1 million yuan. In addition, due to the Lu Haiqing National Development Bank loans 8000 yuan loans have been used to pay for college tuition, the repayment period not to, Lu Hai Qing adoptive parents also made 8000 yuan for student loan application. According to the "family learned in the situation that after the incident, the defendant Teng has not surrendered themselves, and for the first time" expert opinion book "identified depression and ability take part of the responsibility, the victim’s family firmly does not endorse the conclusion." The victim’s family agent Sichuan Megaforce lawyer Chen Fengfeng said, according to the statement made by the families of the funeral expenses for schools, families and school specific settlement. Chen Fengfeng said, the 1 million families of the victims of the spirit of solatium is that family members believe they will bear bitter hardships brought up Lu Haiqing, when the youth was killed on the occasion, the family and relatives of damage incalculable, nor the 1 million solatium can represent, but they have to express Lu Haiqing’s murder for the family and relatives how much damage. (end)相关的主题文章: