Sichuan Armed Police Corps to send thousands of miles away soldiers applause from the cultural

Sichuan Armed Police Corps to send thousands of miles away soldiers applause from the cultural feast – Sohu Military Channel for the Sichuan Armed Police Corps to carry out a series of theory of cultural psychology service activities. China police network with crisp sound of the train whistle, from Chengdu to Panzhihua K9471 train pulled into the PanZhiHua Railway Station. November 16th, Armed Police Corps of Sichuan cultural and psychological services team after a night trip to the southern gate of Sichuan – Panzhihua. The team have come here for the Panzhihua detachment of armed police recruits who sent a "cultural feast". Team members arrive at the training team, attend long overworked, work immediately. "Bosom sister" Wei source with a picture chart, explain the method for the prevention of psychological problems, recruits help ease the mental stress, the common psychological problems of adjustment, help recruit people enhance their theoretical knowledge and culture, enhance the psychological quality. "Baidu brother Wang Tao told us about the Red Army during the long march through the hardships of the suffering and the immortal spirit, let everybody really realized why the long march spirit immortal Hui, more determined they follow the revolutionary predecessors footsteps, strive for the confidence and determination to contribute to strengthening the military practice. Sing and dance the laughter overflow police, soldiers heart run again and again profound friendship. In the training field and blue sky as the background of the stage, the training team training field of open up a fresh outlook presented in front of the new soldiers. Jiyaqunfang is good to hear or see, dance flying is very refreshing. The soldiers accompanied by thunderous applause, performed in the "welcome soldier" shows a scene of bustling activity kicked off. Then the dance "," song of the motherland "zipper is your home", "forward", is sent to sketch read "life is wonderful" military 14 Festival have wonderful show. The whole show climax, the applause, bring the soldiers again and again the joy and surprise, all the soldiers are immersed in singing, applause, laughter, merged into a sea of joy. Also encourage new soldiers based on their own, dedicated to the mission, to the goal of strengthening the military training, military training, skills as enemy skills, can be trained to win the courage and ability.相关的主题文章: