Shanxi, a number of private hospitals, repeated sets of protection to deceive the farmers false trea

The number of private hospitals in Shanxi "repeat" trick – Beijing false treatment of farmers in Shanxi recently to the private hospital insurance fraud investigation part launched a special specification. Reporter survey found that some private hospitals metamorphosis behind, reflecting the unsustainable development of the industry and the current status of multi regulatory loopholes. The chaos in the industry generally a number of private hospitals in Taiyuan in recent years, the hedging behavior, which is the most typical Taiyuan West China Hospital. The reporter visited the learned, regular treatment, the hospital survival difficulties, had to hand selling situation; after the transformation to hedge, can profit in dividends back. Before and after the contrast of the big, thought-provoking. West China Hospital, Taiyuan, an insider, 2002 Taiyuan West China Hospital. Prior to this, the hospital has a reputation in the Shanxi private medical community has been small, has imported the most advanced X machines and other medical equipment, also has the public hospital dean, vice president, well-known experts visiting, called first-class equipment, first-class doctor. He said: "the founder of the starting point is very good, to a private hospital brand, but it did not, you normal, people do not know, slowly doing doing is lost." After taking over the Taiyuan West China Hospital, the name has not changed, but the management mode and management concept appeared in a world of difference. Later abandoned the original idea of running the hospital, some of the super profit model into the medical malpractice. Gradually, cause less, poor reputation, almost no patient. Even so, the hospital shareholders annual dividend of 200 thousand yuan also maintained for several years. Although the private hospital in Shanxi has been previously set up by the insurance was canceled qualification, but did not accept the Taiyuan West China Hospital. After the 2014 qualification of the new rural cooperative medical institutions, it adopts the industry "general means, such as reducing the pay line, 200 yuan admission, full free treatment, hospital treatment, false deception farmers forged medical records taking national NCMS funds. It has reached an agreement with Shanxi in 13 counties, including the amount of compensation in the month amounted to 200 thousand yuan. West China Hospital in Taiyuan "," honest and trustworthy unit "," national people trust demonstration unit "" Taiyuan famous veteran doctors hospital "XXX" visible. An industry source said, as long as the policy, you dare to violate the rules, once the insurance industry has become a universal phenomenon, do not want to violate the rules. According to the revelations, Taiyuan West China Hospital and other private hospitals in the name, deliberately borrow some famous hospitals in our country the name "edge ball", such as famous as Huaxi Huaxi, called the famous Concord Concord, to confuse the patient, "unless the name Sichuan West China Hospital, otherwise there is no business sector research, not approval". "Submission" advertising A thing has its cause. to private hospitals based on survival is essential, and some promotion "looting" and with a weight in the balance on the survival of private hospitals, the weight of the weight is ultimately passed on to patients. Reporters learned from the Shanxi Provincial Health Planning Commission, in recent years, private hospitals in Taiyuan advertising positions, costs and the proportion of change. 2011, in Shanxi, the rectification of false medical advertising shows that private hospitals in the advertising business, about 20% to.相关的主题文章: