September China’s logistics industry boom index rose 4.7 percentage points to 59% pork face

In September China logistics industry sentiment index rose 4.7 percentage points to 59% in September China logistics industry boom index for 59% Chinese Sina micro-blog PMI China securities news according to reports, Chinese Federation of logistics and purchasing, released in 2016 September China logistics industry sentiment index was 59% last month rose 4.7 percentage points; China storage index was 50.6%, down 2.4 from the previous month percentage points; China highway logistics freight index was 99.5 points, rebounded last month to 2.7%. Chinese Logistics Information Center Deputy Director He Hui said: "in September, with the construction of the traditional production season golden nine silver ten" the arrival of the logistics activities further downstream business to flourish, the logistics industry boom index, highway freight index increased, storage index by commodity inventory factors, somewhat lower, but also keep the warehouse business the expansion situation. Look from breed, bulk materials in iron and steel, coal, wood, machinery and equipment industries market supply and demand is relatively strong; and the people’s livelihood related food, household appliances, textiles, clothing, daily necessities and so on by the National Day holidays to show a rebound in demand situation. Business activity index is expected to rise, indicating that the company’s confidence in the market is more adequate. Utilization rate of equipment and employees index rebounded. September, driven by increased demand for logistics and logistics business volume increased, the equipment utilization index rebounded 2.3 percentage points QoQ, rose to 57.2%, employing index was 51.6%, the chain rose by 1.8 percentage points. Fixed asset investment index rebounded, logistics infrastructure tends to improve. September, the total investment in fixed assets index was 50.3%, up by 0.6 percentage points, reflecting the logistics operation of the infrastructure conditions showed improvement. Average inventory index fell, inventory turnover index rebounded. In September, the average inventory index was 54.8%, up 0.2 percentage points lower, reflecting the current is still in the process of inventory; inventory turnover index was 58.5%, last month rose 4.1 percentage points, reflecting the supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises economic activities are more active, the stock is still in a high level, accelerate inventory turnover. Turnover increased efficiency. The new orders index rose 3.2 percentage points last month, 56.8%; from the late trend, business activity expectations index was 60.6% last month rose 0.1 percentage points, indicating that with the demand of basic logistics operation to further consolidate the logistics business activity will remain upward trend. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: