See the world small hotel hidden poison nest pregnant women are drug addicts (video)-kasey chase

See the world: a small hotel hidden poison nest maternal drug poison nest maternal pregnant women are in a small hotel where drug original title: small hotel hidden poison nest maternal drug development zone before the police carry out the sword special action, destroyed a hiding in a small hotel in the city of Begonia Lane drug dens, Danghuo 20 the number of drug-related personnel. What’s unexpected is that there are 4 days pregnant women and 6 months pregnant women. (source: Deyang radio and television) as early as a month ago, the police zone began to pay attention to the mere small hotel. The police noticed that the people who entered and out of the hotel were suspicious. And in their trash cans, or the things they carry, the police have found some tools like drugs. (from Deyang radio and television station) after preliminary reconnaissance, the police basically mastered the law of suspicious people’s activities. Action in the afternoon, Development Zone Branch in conjunction with the Municipal Public Security Bureau Special patrol detachment, police dispatched criminal investigation, drug trafficking and related police, first at the hotel around the periphery dispatched, cleaning staff. Chouzhunshiji, police investigators rushed into the decisive Hotel, suspicious personnel at the scene of more than 20 people all Danghuo, and seized drug tools, as well as drug addicts in succession before the vote from the nets. (from Deyang radio and television station) police found that there were still 6 months pregnant women in the drug addicts and 4 days pregnant women who had just finished their children. The woman carrying a package of baby clothes, according to his account, she had just finished production of children 4 day, children still in the hospital, she said that the child is transferred in need of money, she didn’t have enough money to find a man to take the money. (from Deyang radio and television) the man in the mouth is sitting on the bed. It looks like he has been poisoned for a long time and his legs have been ulcerated. The face of the police inquiry, the man is all sorts of sophistry. These people although drug police control was still not honest, a young man ran out of the hotel while the scene of confusion, and ultimately be back. A young woman dressed in white, while the police did not pay attention, but also swallowed the gold necklace on the neck, but fortunately was found by the police in time to take out. (from Deyang radio and television station), then, more than 20 drug-related personnel were all taken away for further investigation. Development Zone police said that drug has become a prominent social problem, drug addicts tend to be younger, derived from "selling to attract", "to steal and suck" and "to grab, suck" and other issues seriously affect the social security environment. This year, the police have carried out a number of code named "sword" anti drug special action, arrested more than 100 drug-related personnel, destroyed similar scale dens 6, effectively combat drug-related illegal behavior. (from Deyang radio and television station) police appeal: the majority of citizens friends, once found their own people have such drug-related behavior, please contact the police in time. (Deyang radio and television reporter Lin Yongbing, Liu Jin, Li Qian) (from Deyang radio and television station)

看天下:小旅馆暗藏毒窝 孕妇产妇都吸毒 毒窝藏身小旅馆 产妇孕妇都在吸毒 原标题:小旅馆暗藏毒窝 孕妇产妇都吸毒开发区警方日前开展“利剑”专项行动,打掉了一藏身于市区海棠巷某小旅馆的吸毒窝点,挡获20多位涉毒人员。让人意想不到的是,其中还有生产才4天的产妇和怀孕6个月的孕妇。 (来自:德阳广播电视台)早在一个月以前,开发区警方就开始关注这家不打眼的小旅馆。民警注意到,出入旅馆的人员很有可疑之处。而在他们的垃圾桶里,或是携带的东西里,民警都发现了一些类似吸毒物品的工具。 (来自:德阳广播电视台)经过前期侦察,民警基本掌握了可疑人员的活动规律。行动当天下午,开发区分局在市公安局特巡警支队的配合下,出动刑侦、禁毒和派出所相关警种,首先在旅馆周边布控,清扫外围放风人员。瞅准时机,办案民警果断冲进旅馆,将现场可疑人员20余人全部挡获,并查获了一些吸毒工具,同时还有吸毒人员陆续前来自投罗网。 (来自:德阳广播电视台)民警发现吸毒人员中竟然还有已经怀孕6个月的女子和刚生完孩子才4天的产妇。该产妇拎着一包婴儿服,据其交代,她刚生产完孩子4天,孩子还在医院,她说孩子转院需要钱,她钱不够来找一男子拿钱。 (来自:德阳广播电视台)产妇口中的男子正坐在床上,看起来染毒时间很长了,双腿已溃烂。面对民警询问,这名男子也是百般狡辩。这些吸毒人人员虽然被民警控制了仍不老实,有个年轻人趁现场混乱跑出了旅馆,最终被追了回来。一年轻的白衣女子趁民警不注意,还吞下了脖子上的金项链,所幸被民警及时发现给取了出来。 (来自:德阳广播电视台)随后,这20多名涉毒人员被全部带走接受进一步调查。开发区分局警方介绍说,毒品已成为一个突出的社会问题,吸毒成员趋于年轻化,衍生出的“以贩养吸”、“以盗养吸”和“以抢养吸”等问题严重影响社会治安环境。今年以来,警方已经开展了多次代号为“利剑”的禁毒专项行动,抓获100多名涉毒人员,打掉类似规模窝点6个,有力地打击了涉毒人员的不法行为。 (来自:德阳广播电视台)警方呼吁:广大的市民朋友们,一旦发现自己身边的人有这种涉毒行为,请及时与警方联系。(德阳市广播电视台记者林永炳 刘进 李倩) (来自:德阳广播电视台)相关的主题文章: