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Fashion-Style Its a fast world we live in. These days, women want makeup without many .plications. They crave products which not only make them look good but are long lasting in their effect and require less time for application. Mascara does .plete the eye makeup. But at the same time, most women .plain about the mascara clumpy or cracking after some time. Traditional mascaras also have a penchant to get smeared on all over the eyes at worst possible times, and women around the world have to consult mirror every once in a while to prevent this disaster from happening. Blink kiss me mascara is a solution to all these dilemmas. It has been featured in many press articles for its unique staying power, volume and definition results Lately its ingenious way to glam up your lashes that does not really dislodge is a fashion miracle in itself. Kiss Me Mascara is the novel tube-technology mascara. Their slogan defines it all, Stop painting your lashes . . . Tube them It is also enjoying the devoted celebrity following including Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Lui, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendez and Jennifer Garner. This creative eye whiz has removed many people grievances with the conventional mascaras. Since the flakes from ordinary mascaras result in eye irritation and infection this product has immensely reduced such occurrences. Why? Because on application, it forms small water-resistant tubes (tubing) around your lashes that stay on better than waterproof mascaras yet .e off effortlessly without the need for a makeup remover. The fine bristles and a spiral brush magnify the eye lash defining powers, increasing the length of individual lashes while keeping the look incredibly natural. Fewer ingredients make it feel lighter on the lashes and do not burden them down. Whether your daily schedule takes you from the home to office, to your sweaty workout and then out to dinner date, your lashes are guaranteed to look as good in the evening as they did when you first applied Blinc Kiss Me Mascara in the morning. Kiss me mascara is not inexpensive–but is worth every penny…… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: