Russian Ministry of Defense DPRK satellite equipment and equipment started operation – Sohu

Russian Defense Ministry: North Korea’s satellite equipment running – Sohu news [global network reporter Juppe reported] according to the Russian satellite news network February 22nd news, the Russian Air Force Space Reconnaissance Equipment Center, defense minister Andre says Colonel Liuta? Card, North Korea will indeed the earth remote detection reconnaissance satellite into orbit. Kalita said, "indeed, North Korea sent its earth remote sensing reconnaissance satellite into orbit. During the launch, we found two space objects: the three stage missile and the spacecraft itself. By analyzing the information received, it can be concluded that the spacecraft remotely probes the satellite for the earth, that is to say, the satellite can complete the reconnaissance mission. And the function of the spacecraft shows that the instrument on this satellite has begun to operate." North Korea in February 7th to launch a satellite "star light -4". North Korea’s neighbors regard it as a test of its intercontinental ballistic missile launch. The Associated Press quoted the U.S. government news, said the satellite after a short period of stability, continue to turn over in the orbit". The western media also wrote that there was no radio signal from the satellite.

俄国防部:朝鲜卫星设备仪器开始运转-搜狐新闻  【环球网报道 记者 朱佩】据俄罗斯“卫星”新闻网2月22日消息,俄罗斯国防部空军航天设备侦察中心长官安德烈?卡柳塔上校表示,朝鲜确实将其地球遥控探测侦察卫星送入了轨道。  卡柳塔说道:“朝鲜确实将其地球遥控探测侦察卫星送入了轨道。我们在此次发射过程中发现了两枚航天对象:三级运载导弹和航天器本身。对收到的信息进行分析,可以得出结论,这一航天器为地球遥控探测卫星,也就是说这一卫星能够完成侦察任务。且航天器的功能显示出这个卫星上的仪器已经开始运转。”  朝鲜于2月7日发射人造卫星“光明星-4号”。朝鲜的各邻国将此视为是其洲际弹道导弹发射的试验。美联社援引美国政府消息表示,卫星在一段短暂的稳定期后,继续在轨道上“翻跟头”。西方媒体也写道,并未收到从卫星上发出的无线电信号。相关的主题文章: