Quanzhou Shishi court live pry forced Laolai money box sichen

Quanzhou Shishi court live "pry" safe forced back channel news network November 6th (Lai Hoi reporter Li Changqian) opened in the bank safe deposit box hidden gold and silver jewelry, but refused to pay. Fujian Shishi Quanzhou court recently seized 61 debtor in a bank safe deposit box. Yesterday morning, the court involved in the implementation of the 5 safe custody and sequestration. The whole process, the court conducted a live webcast. Graphic unrelated, a safe deposit box belongs to the executive Cai Moucao. The 49 year old Cai Moucao is Shishi Kam town business, together with her husband Zhang Mouguang. 7 years ago, the couple repeatedly commissioned a company in Jinjiang to wash their clothes, but owed $95 thousand has not yet. Mr. Wang has repeatedly demanded by the plaintiff, still do not pay, Mr. Wang sued to the court, the court sentenced Cai Moucao couples to repay 95 thousand yuan and interest. Yesterday, law enforcement officers will be a Cai Moucao in Shishi in the bank safe deposit box was open, and inside the gold attachment, local storage. Law enforcement officers said that the seizure of the safe deposit box, to have forced Laolai to fulfill their obligations, the court will on the seizure of property, according to the judicial appraisal, appraisal, auction and other legal procedures, deliver to the applicant. In the course of implementation of the court, such as the implementation of the person found to open a safe deposit box in order to conceal property, refused to perform, suspected of committing a crime, will be transferred to the public security organs for criminal responsibility. (channel network) >相关的主题文章: